2022 Mexico City recs?

ya, i saw Esparza liked Sud 777, and he knows a hell of a lot more about Mexican food than I do! Yeah, I’m gonna work really hard to find places with heirloom masa. Almost my top priority.


I will second el Moro for churros, and Tono for pozole and taqueria.

Cocuyos is awesome as mentioned. Also taco Turix if you are in Polanco. The famous Al pastor stands are cool just for the amount of Al pastor they will pile on your plate lol.

The chilaquiles lady in condesa is awesome must visit! La Esquina https://g.co/kgs/bBMRC

We rode the public bikes around a lot (you can buy a week long pass) and just rode by places that were busy or used google maps to see what was super popular on the way to things. Just type in the type of food you’re looking for like taco de canasta or lengua etc.


good to know about the public bikes. i shall definitely do that. A chilaquiles lady sounds wonderful, ha. I’ve not been out of the country since Covid and haven’t gone to a great food region since 2016 or so. Needless to say im stoked for this trip and really do appreciate all the advice!


Here’s the info they have stands in most parts of town except near the blue house area. Just looking at the map they seem to have way fewer bikes than the couple times we visited pre Covid but it’s pretty cheap for a week approx 19 bucks


at turix, the panucho is the thing (but also the tacos)

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Damn! Had no idea that was the thing to get there I just got tacos when I walked by in the evening.

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the tacos are 80% of the way to the panucho, but the style of panucho they make i haven’t yet seen in LA - the ones at chichen itza and la flor de yucatan are to my mind almost a completely different dish, only related by technical definition.

very random tangent, but another transportation note: if you ever happen to need to do within-country travel between cities, the buses are the way to go! pinnacle of luxury - full recline seats with seatback screens, wooden floors (who knows why!), reserved seats, and at least when i was last there, cheaper than flying


Some of these might be a little outdated but

Tacos Hola El Guero for guisados.

Ricos Tacos Toluca for green chorizo.

Exquisitos Tacos de Mixiote in Juarez for mixiote (kinda like Barbacoa)

El Hidalguense for barbacoa, pancita, and queso huasteco.

Maybe Expendio de Maiz and Molina El Pujol.

Of the famous taco spots think I liked el
Vilsito best. Or tied with Cocuyos, as everyone mentioned, for suadero and tripas.

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I loved cocuyos, definitely go and visit (this might be a hot take) but aside from having more exotic cuts I didn’t find their tacos any better than a really good fritanga stand in LA. I did like them more than the two famous al pastor stands in the same area.

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I think you’re right, though the tortillas might be a little better? I’m no expert, but in general the tlacoyos, huaraches, guisados, pambazos and quesadillas are the street food things I go for in CDMX. Maybe the al pastor is also a little better in Mexico City than LA, but that style is well represented in LA and Tijuana. If @set0312 is looking for more northern stuff, I thought Orinoco was good, but it’s not as special if you’re coming from LA.

Also, there used to be a woman making blue corn quesadillas across from Abarrotes Delirio in Roma Norte if you’re in the area.


hot take! but actually what are the good fritanga stands in LA? the ones i have been to have often been inconsistent - at their peak, i agree they reach they same heights, but 1) the suadero, which is arguably not exotic although somewhat rare to find the actual cut in LA? and 2) the mollejas are the two things i can’t find in LA

the bill esparza antojitos guide reminded me that you can find a turix-style panucho at ek balam (EK' BALAM Yucatan Cuisine (@ekbalamyucatancuisine) • Instagram photos and videos) if you want to do some pre-trip research

but i agree with the above sentiment to try to find the things that are not present in LA


Almost a decade old, but maybe tacos la guera? Have not been.

And this place looks promising…


that’s funny - i was actually thinking specifically of la guera as the comparison in LA. but their suadero is a level if not two below the good stands in CDMX, and i think their tacos overall can be a bit inconsistent - maybe a product of having multiple stands and lacking the continuous stream of customers that los cocuyos has…

gonna have to investigate this los chilangos establishment! thanks for the tip!

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There are two stands that stick out to me that I’m not sure still exist today.

One was at the corner of pico and Hobart in the byzantine quarter in front of smart and final. I used to stop there all the time because I was in downtown and ktown often. Awesome suadero, tripas , and buche. They started out pretty mom and pop they only had like 1 or 2 lights to start but their stand got bigger as they got more popular.

Another was off Manchester and Broadway near the 110 on one of the number streets. I had to turn off of there once due to traffic and ended up stopping there a few times years back just due to the tacos. Also had excellent suadero. I remember all the workers were wearing red shirts.

I find the best way to find a good fritanga stand nowdays is to drive through a Hispanic dominated area at around 8-9 in the evening and see which stand is the busiest. Usually at that time of night they still have all their meats and they’ve been confiting long enough to have flavor and be super tender. I usually run into a good one when I do my annual to biannual taco crawl.

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