2nd Annual Pumpkin Pie Quest

Logline - A teenage son and his father valiantly search for the most delicious pumpkin pie in Los Angeles County, making new friends along the way.

Hello Friends,

It’s pumpkin pie time!

Flashback to our full photo-heavy FTC writeup on all the places we visited last time around.
The 25 pies we tasted last season: Apple Pan, Atticus Creamery and Pies, Costco, Fishing with Dynamite, Gjusta, Hof’s Hut, Jongewaard’s Bake N Broil, KnowRealityPie, Morfia’s Ribs and Pie, The Pie Hole, Rainbow Acres, Republic of Pie, République, Rucker’s Pies, Rustic Kitchen, Simplethings, Superba Food + Bread, SusieCakes, Sweet Lady Jane Bakery, Trader Joes, The Trails, Ugo, Urth Caffé, Valerie, Whole Foods

Last season’s top 10 (in alphabetical order) were: Atticus, Fishing with Dynamite, Gjusta, Jongewaard’s, KnowRealityPie, République, SusieCakes, The Trails, Ugo, Urth Caffé.

Before revisiting our favorites, we’d like to start with new pies or pies we missed last time: Brite Spot, Cake Monkey, Clementine, Du-Par’s, The Filling Station Cafe, Huckleberry, Larder at Tavern, Porto’s, Proof Bakery.

In your expert opinion what other pies should we be sampling this season?

thank you


The maple pumpkin from KnowRealityPie


Thank you for the tip @ipsedixit Last season their Pumpkin Whopper was delicious, looking forward to their Maple Pumpkin. By chance did you taste their Caramel Pumpkin or Chocolate Pumpkin?

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Does Mozza do a pumpkin pie? The desserts there are great.

Nicole Rucker, wherever she’s selling.

If you’re going to Proof, I suggest a bang-bang-bang with Village bakery on Los Feliz and Pie N Burger in Pasadena.

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No, I have not. I’m generally a purist when it comes to fruit pies, and I thought their traditional pumpkin pie was fantastic. We’ve already placed an order for their traditional pumpkin pie for this Turkey Day.

Although I must admit, their Cognac Coconut Creme pie is rather otherworldly good

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You got me excited about suggested bang-bang-bang, alas Proof and Village said they most likely won’t be serving PP until early November.

Any update on Nicole’s spot at 142 S. La Brea? Is that still happening?

Yes, it is. But like pouring cold molasses in a cold winter morning.

As an aside, I’m hearing that Euro Pane might be offering a pumpkin pie this holiday season. Just rumors at this point, however. I would check back in a couple of weeks if curious.


Anyone tried the pumpkin pie at Winston Pies in Brentwood? I had a tasty slice of cherry there recently.

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re: know reality pie. I had a slice of praline pecan pumpkin pie over the weekend.The week before i had a slice of the caramel praline pumpkin. I couldn’t tell you which was better… they were both fantastic.

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Never been but this new pie shop Winston Pies in Brentwood looks interesting.


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Thank you @Bigmouth and @Thor for the tip.
Winston Pies does look promising from their website.
I just called and they said the will stock pumpkin next week.
Always enjoy trying new spots.



Friends & Family
5150 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026

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Thank you for the tip @thechez5 This one sounds delicious.

Looking at the link I was worried that we’d have to wait until Thanksgiving to try this pie, but Friends & Family emailed back and said their pumpkin pies can be ordered throughout the season.


Glad to hear that. I hope you like it!

Try the pumpkin pie (with ginger snap crust) from Mixed Company

While you’re there, try their Margherita pizza or anyone of their sandwiches, esp. the roasted pork or lamb. Or heck, do all three.

Really dig this place. And they’ll make a flat white upon request. And request you should.


Winston is a winner - went there two nights in a row to try all their pies! Love the atmosphere.


Erewhon Venice, The Rose Cafe, Magnolia Bakery, Lodge Bread

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Dominique ansel bakery

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Pumpkin poptart Please let me know if you try, I have a pronounced affection for marshmallow.

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Balconi !!!