30th Birthday brunch recs

My friend will be in town for her 30th birthday. Of course it is super bowl sunday…so we will be doing brunch. Looking for a special place to go. Prefer better food than a bottomless mimosa situation. I am thinking AOC would be nice but never been for dinner or brunch. What else would people suggest for this type of occasion? Price not an issue. Can be anywhere in general LA area. Thanks for the help!

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Here’s Looking At You
Manhattan Beach Post

Those come to mind first for special brunch


Majordomo does brunch.

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Orsa & Winston

Super Bowl Sunday, be sure to make a reservation or if they don’t take reservations call to confirm they’ll be open and not closed for a private party.


2nd for Here’s

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The Penthouse at the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica? Can’t beat the views (assuming it’s clear), and the food is actually pretty good (certainly better than it needs to be, given the locale). Have not been in a few yrs, though.

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Seconding Orsa & Winston

But AOC is always fun.

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Went to Taco Maria for a friend’s 30th birthday brunch this year, which was pretty excellent and felt like an occasion. We made a day of it, too - couple OC breweries, Portola Coffee, hit the beach, etc.


Unfortunately Majordomo’s brunch is one of the worst in the city. Horrendous on so many levels. :frowning:

I have taken her to MB post before. Always great. I will keep that on the list. Republique good but if i recall they don’t do reservations for brunch? Thanks for the recs though. Been hearing good things about Here’s looking at you, I will have to check it out.

Ah okay good to know. I will wait to enjoy it for dinner instead.

That is actually a really great idea. She hasn’t been down to OC yet. She is from ATL.

If you decide on Taco Maria, Shuck Oyster Bar in the same plaza is an excellent place to bang before. The sheer variety of oysters will definitely wow your friend if she loves oysters and clams.

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@foodie4life keep in mind that brunch is a much different experience at Taco Maria than dinner. I’ve never been to brunch but I recall a few not so positive reviews for TM brunch.

Shuck is great.

Republique does not take reservations for brunch and people generally start lining up 15-20 minutes before opening on the weekends. If you get there early it shouldn’t be a problem but you’ll have a short wait.

petit trois le valley


Anyone been to Dekkadance on the 69th floor of InterContinental DTLA?

I almost wouldn’t care about the food since the views look so cool :grinning: Been curious for quite awhile and hadn’t had a chance to investigate.

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You can bring some champs or fine white wine and have a lovely time ordering the more baller stuff at Capital Seafood perhaps

+1 on the Shuck/Taco Maria Bang Bang. If you want to make it a BBB, add some tapas at Pueblo or small plates at ARC. All are solid options there. The brunch at Pueblo is also excellent.

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Looks like a pretty standard hotel buffet, so probably best not to care about the food.

Weird name for a place that’s not a nightclub.

Looks great for a drink possibly. But not interested in a buffet for this type of brunch. But thank you for the suggestion!

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