Any Vegans here?

Haha… Okay!

I was at AR Cucina in Culver City yesterday, and they have a whole new menu, including many vegan options.

The minestrone soup was very hearty and flavorful, but ask for a drizzle of oil on top to make it even better.


Went to Plant Food and Wine in Venice this afternoon for a $25 three course DineLA lunch (you have to ask for the DineLA menu, otherwise they’ll just give you the regular a la carte menu).

Food items ordered: Red wine nut cheese, fennel mostarda and gluten free crackers (top right); Kelp noodle cacio e pepe, green olive, panagratto, micro greens, herbs, gluten free cracker, (middle left); Coconut cream pie - macadamia and banana based with no gluten (bottom right).

I went for an all gluten free, nut-based vegan lunch, but they also offer sourdough and other wheat based baked goods and various grains.

All flavors on point, I haven’t been this excited about vegan in SoCal since the former CRU in Silver Lake (closed and space now occupied by Pine and Crane). The patio was quite relaxing with olive trees. Thanks @Alkiegourmand for the rec!

It’s smack dab on Abbot Kinney near Felix and Westminster Elementary. The ‘hood is like a hipster/Silicon Beacher’s “Rodeo Drive” and nothing like what I first encountered in 2007.

Here’s the DineLA menu:


Dinner at a vegan place called Modern Shaman in Uptown Whittier tonight. The flavors and textures in the alchemy bowl made for my favorite salad in recent memory. Seasoned fried chickpeas, roasted sweet potato, quinoa, avocado, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, dried apricots, almonds, and greens dressed in a creamy, herbaceous vinaigrette. My partner ordered the no clucks given: fried faux chicken and mashed potatoes on a bun. We were happy with our choices, and I liked that the menu had a balance of healthy, home style, and junk food options.


Gorgeous pic. I’m sending it to my vegetarian, frequent Whittier visiting son.

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What is that pink thing behind the cucumbers?

Looks like watermelon radish

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@BlurA14 is correct. It was a giant radish slice.

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Had the absolute worst veggie burger in my life at the Guy Fieri burger place in Burbank Airport on Friday. I had no time to get any real food in the area before my flight so I knew I was taking a big risk… My options were that or a caprese sandwich at the fast-casual Wolfgang Puck place. It was not one of those faux-meat patties like Impossible or Beyond, but a bean-based patty. It fell apart after the first bite and the texture was like biting into a sponge. Had no flavor, not even salt. Tried to salvage it by putting lots of ketchup on there but ended up throwing half of it away. Fries were terrible too. AVOID! :nauseated_face:


Thanks for the warning @hanhgry.


More vegan eats from the weekend.

Breakfast at Two Guns in El Segundo on Main Street. Partner had vegan power breakfast and rated it only acceptable. My veggie frittata (not vegan) was dry and flavorless, but I liked the oat milk latte. I wouldn’t return for the food.

Lunch at The Spot in Hermosa Beach, and old school vegetarian restaurant. Massive portions of heavy food. I tried the mushroom walnut loaf with mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, and mushroom gravy (vegetarian, not vegan). Partner had the vegan super burrito (choice of beans, brown rice, baked tofu, and Follow Your Heart “cheese”) with the red sauce on the side. Neither of us liked the red sauce, but the vegan savory sauce our server brought us was a winner. The burrito was the size of my forearm. Cash, check, or PayPal/Venmo only.

Dinner at Hidden Garden Thai on Sepulveda in Culver City. I would have gone for some of their regular options, but we ordered the vegan roti with curry and vegan Thai sukiyaki. I should have asked for fish sauce on the side :grin:


Hi @hanhgry - I’m not sure if all these places are close together but Lemonade is probably a better option for vegetarians at LAX. Oh and thanks for taking one for the team. :slightly_smiling_face:


How was the meatloaf? I feel we need a recipe thread next. On another note, I am missing tacos. Almost stopped at the one on olympic and labrea. I forget the name. WOW.


El Chato!!

You can get veggie taco and bean-cheese burrito btw (both vegetarian)

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Yep, I’ve had a couple of vegetarian versions of the standards from El Chato. The husband is stubbornly in the El Chato > Leo’s camp. :slightly_smiling_face:

The meatloaf was tasty but heavy. I loved the texture. The mashed potatoes were starchy and bland, but the gravy helped. Plant based eating sure isn’t all light and clean :joy:

Definitely start a recipe thread!


Yes, I almost put a couple of dishes on this thread, but a designated thread would be good.


Recipe thread started here:

Was also thinking about a thread for online resources (blogs, columns, etc) and cookbooks.


Well it’s as simple as that! :grin: I’ll add some stuff soon. Thanks @ElsieDee!


I aim to please/glad to be of service/yadda-yadda-yadda. :wink: