Austin restaurant recs

Please feel to recommend away. I’ve been to Franklins in the past, willing to try pretty much everything. I feel they have a high concentration of Italian and mexican-mexican restaurants and those are things that we have plenty of in LA but if there’s something that’s can’t miss let me know.

If you’re there long enough to stray from BBQ and Tex-Mex:

I saw this on some Netflix food show. Looks great.

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If it’s good enough for Elon?


Uh actually that would make me run the other way lol.


Haha ditto. He doesn’t look like somebody who really cares much about food.

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Mr Happy over on HO is/was in Austin after Thanksgiving and seems to be eating well:

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Thank you!

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Went to quite a few restaurants in Austin over the weekend.

Leroy and Lewis was delicious. It was featured on somebody feed Phil, they are doing more new school style bbq. We got the pork belly rib along with brisket, beef cheek and some sides. Everything was top notch. Get there early to avoid line. I think they’ve gotten crazy busy after the show.

Canje doing Guyanese/ afro Caribbean food. The top high end restaurant we visited. Super bold, interesting, and intense flavors. Named best new restaurant on water and also top 50 restaurants in ny times. Definitely a must visit.

Emmer and rye was disappointing I went there about two years ago and loved my dinner. This trip not so much.

Backspace great local pizza and wine spot everything is cooked in their wood fired oven. Super fun and relaxed.

Bird bird biscuit maybe the best biscuit sandwich I’ve ever had. Super fluffy biscuits with expertly fried chicken complemented with different sauces to cut the heaviness. Must visit.

Torchys tacos a local institution with very good tacos and queso.

Veracruz all natural great breakfast tacos.

Terry blacks bbq known for their bbq beef rib but everything was super solid.

Lots of great restaurants but everything runs so insanely heavy in Austin. I felt so meated out after 1.5 days lol