Bay scallops

I picked up some bags of bay scallops on sale at Sprouts this week for $7. I usually cook their much larger brethren by searing and creating a pan sauce. I haven’t cooked bay scallops in ages. What’s your favorite way of cooking bay scallops?

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Stir fry them “kung pao” style

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Ceviche! Or a light, thin gazpacho, served in a shallow dish, with lightly seared bay scallops.

Also, take a look at @PorkyBelly’s photo and description of the scallops at Nightshade. That might be fun to try and recreate.


I may be too intimidated to trying to replicate Mei Lin’s Nightside…but it would be fun!

You’re in the privacy of your own home, what’s the worst that could happen? :wink:


Marcella Hazan has a simple, but very tasty recipe for a pasta sauce. Its just scallops, olive oil, garlic, pepper flakes and parsley with bread crumbs sprinkled on at the end. She recommends dried spaghettini as a noodle choice.

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