Best Pizza by the Slice?

you’re in silverlake and you don’t like Tomato Pie?

I’m agape. flummoxed, even.

Those are really fun words to say. Try it.

I’m actually quite fond of “flummoxed” myself. My thoughts were limited to true DTLA, i.e., where there are tall buildings. SL’s Tomato Pie’s pretty good, and I and the Chow-Pup, now growed, were long-time patrons of Hard Times, two decades and 3 owners ago. But actually downtown, pickin’s are sparse; the places near the jewelry alley, for instance, are all kinda dismal, though they’ve been there for ever…

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well as a onetime resident of glendale who, for just a few months, the SL Tomato Pie delivered to, I am very jealous indeed.

There are very VERY slim pizza pickings in Vancouver, BC. What one would judge as ‘acceptable’ now falls into the realm of “OH MY GOD SOMEONE WHO KNOWS WHAT THEY’RE DOING!!!”

but this is the wrong board for that.


Silver Lake is most definitely not DTLA

I like PND as well, although I think in recent years they’ve sort of declined a bit.

Pellicola is also very good when we’re just talking DTLA

But based on the name, @Silverlakebodhisattv would seem to be from Silver Lake.

just revisiting older pizza threads because i was stunned into pizza comatosis 2 weeks ago…i was on Fairfax and saw Prime Pizza. i had a vague memory that id seen a couple comments…either Bigmouth or Ns1 mentioned it…the comment is more about the great “deal” they have at lunch but let me tell y’all out there…Prime Pizza is w/o a doubt(IMHO, anyway) the BEST NY style pizza in LA…a perfect thin crust(a special blend), great sauce cheese & sausage for me…i shared a fresh pie the first time…pictured is a pepperoni slice…warmed up slices and a Coke/$6 or 7 bucks…the reheats were, for all intense and porpoises, as good as the fresh pie…Prime Pizza


Hi @lapizzamaven,

Wow, high praise. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I know they’re run by the same folks behind Golden State (a few stores down), so we know they can make some great Burgers. I might have to give it a try next time I’m in the area.

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I’m a huge Grimaldi’s fan, I know you like them too, You like Prime better?

Never been there but I trust you!

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Prime is tremendously good. And Dough Box has slices around lunch time: thin crust and deep dish.

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I’ll admit to being a bit surprised. The Fairfax hood was my frequent hang, and I always found Prime to be of the “well, it’s open late…” level of choice. I would take Tomato Pie just around the corner on Melrose. I mean, Prime’s fine, but I couldn’t see myself going out of the way for it.

There used to be a place called Village Pizza just at Ivar and Yucca that had outstanding slices but they closed down a while back. Decent garlic knots, too…

Depends on what one means by NY-style pizza.

Grimaldi’s does coal oven. Prime is wood burning oven.

To be truly NY style hoi polloi pizza, it probably mean gas-oven.

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“Not Chicago” would be my first criterium. :slight_smile:

Prime says on the site they are “inspired” by Di Fara, Patsy’s and Best. Grimaldi’s is as close to Patsy’s as I can get here, though my family prefers Brooklyn Grimaldi’s over Patsy’s as well.

In any case, I’m curious if Prime is successful in paying homage to those NY joints.

Inspired is the right word. Di Fara and Patsy’s are the upper echelon of coal-fired pizza purveyors.

Got it! Thanks. Not a fan of driving to El Segundo so hopefully Prime will scratch the itch.

Gr8pimpin…I really dig Grimaldi’s…not the same species…no slices at Grimaldi’s and Prime is fully in the traditional NYC slice pizzerias where there’s more cheese and it covers the whole pie whereas the Grimaldis, like Lombardi’s(the original Pizza in the US(as the story goes)has the “islands” of mozz approach and are coal ovens…theres nothing Ive come across here like Prime…Get thee to Prime!

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ya know, ipsedixit, somehow, I didnt notice the oven(am i slippin’?)…the pizza was so identical to a great, gas oven NYC style slice that i assumed gas…again, Prime looks like the trad gas oven pizza and the pizzaiolo from Best(Frank Pinello) apparently was directly involved in the pizza and menu at Prime…they may be inspired by Patsy’s but it aint coal and no mozz islands(look at photo)…try it, you’ll love it!..though curiosity did kill the cat, id risk it…id be stunned if you didnt love it…

BTW, DiFara’s aint coal oven

well lectroid, i completely disagree but thats why we have these sites…when Tomato Pie opened, , Alan Richman had a big cover story(in Vanity Fair maybe) about his list of 10 or 20 best pizzas in US…he rated Tomato Pie like #7 or 8…id never heard about it so i went the next day, reviewed it for the old “Slice” web site…I cant say i was disappointed b/c i knew it was bull shit and that remains my opinion!

Yes, of course, you’re right.

Brain fart on my part. Wood-fired.