Boy do I need help with Boston... my former home

Lived there for 12 years (aside form Amherst for 4 of those) and didn’t really explore the food sufficiently back then, mostly casual and immigrant community spots.

But, I haven’t been there for 15 years since leaving and in that time have become food obsessed and know a lot more. So I need like 3 restaurants to find and make reservations at.

Italian in north end has to happen
French has to happen
and something modern/new american chef driven has to happen

any help is greatly appreciated… and maybe a good cocktail bar.

Where do you stay in Boston ? Having lived in San Diego for many years and visited LA very often but when we moved here two years ago I was surprised to find out that the traffic in Boston can sometimes even be worse.So your location will help with recommendations. Any why Italian in North End, they are just tourist traps and not worth the calories ?

I grew up over there and North End was special, I still know Italians who live there. There are really no great restaurants left? Used to be very good.

I don’t care what the area is, we will be all over town but staying centrally. No issue using the T (grew up on D line)

The few Italian places I tried (and also talked with people living longer in Boston) in North End are a waste of time. If you really have to eat at one in the North End I would pick Mamma Maria. Some other options for good Italian restaurants outside of North End are Coppa, SRV, Posto, Fat Hen, Giulia, La Morra - you should look at the different menus as all of them have different directions of the type of Italian dishes.
If you like Napolitanean style pizza I highly recommend Area Four (they have two places - Kendell Square and South Boston - try the one in SB as it has a bigger menu, especially the very good appetizers.)

When you asking for French, are you asking for “classical” French or French inspired restaurants ? I don’t think “classical” French is a strength of Boston but there are a few restaurants like Les Sablons, Ma Maison, La Volie (haven’t visit those).

Good new American, chef driven restaurant are plenty and you should check the locations and the menus to get some ideas - Sycamore, Alden & Harlow, Backroom at Moody’s, Townsman, Little Donkey, Waypoint, Commonwealth, Field & Vine, Cultivar to name a few.

Best bar so far in Boston for us is Backbar, other good options are Wink & Nod (hosts 6 months pop-up restaurants for their food), Eastern Standard, State Park, Blossom Bar, Brick & Mortar (but most restaurants tend to have excellent bar programs - often better what we had in San Diego or LA).

Might be worth asking on - there’s a Boston board with regular posters there.


Regina Pizzeria - Napolitana Pizza

(internet photo)
It was the best pie I’ve ever had. The toppings just melted into it! :heart_eyes:

P.S. No Seafood on the Boston trip?

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That must be why the parking prices are insane. We figured it was an incentive to make you use public transportation. I will never grumble about L.A. parking prices again.

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we hit up Regina on my last trip to Boston—didn’t get the puttanesca (I probably got either mushrooms or salami). it was a yummy retro Boston experience.

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we have good pizza here , though regina is a classic… i actually worked at a great pizza shop in highschool and know all that pretty well.

definitely seafood in boston… being told to go to Neptune… so far made a res for Waypoint but not sure about it yet

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Hi @Nemroz -

My husband went to and loved Dolce Vita Ristorante.

I really, really wanted to go to Neptune. The other recs were Atlantic Seafood and the classic Union Oyster House. But we were only there for a couple days and didn’t make it to any of them. I did drag my family to Belle Island Seafood in Winthrop straight from the airport. :blush: I wanted my Lobster Roll & Fried Clam fix immediately.

Happy Boston Eating!

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Sweet. Is that a giant meatball?

I don’t know what that is but it’s enoigh for me to not go there. Multiple problems visible

Have you been to Waypoint? Made a res per friends’ rec

That’s funny. It doesn’t look great, but I didn’t want to knock your meal.

What about Oleana? I couldn’t afford it when I lived there 10+ years ago. I ate at the related cafe Sofra though, and memories of the flavors from their meze bar always make me wonder what I missed.

I haven’t been to Waypoint but a lot of friends highly recommend it if you like seafood. I have been to his other restaurant Alden &Harlow and liked it a lot.

The main problem I see is that the topping looks suspiciously like green-can “parm”.

Trip never happened, wedding canceled. Still haven’t been back in 15 years. :frowning: