Budapest recs?

Will be taking a river cruise that starts in Budapest and ends in Regensburg (Germany) in early/mid June.

We’ll be staying Budapest for 2 nights prior to embarking and will probably spend a day or two in Munich afterward (unless folks strongly recommend staying in Regensburg for that period).

There’s some Munich eats here:

We’re just starting to look into places to eat in Budapest. New York Cafe (on a blog or something) got good reviews b/c of the stunning interior (but maybe it’s more of a place to enjoy a snack or dessert, as opposed to a full meal).

Any recs for Budapest? We don’t need “expensive” or “fancy.”



This is the best meal we’ve ever had. Ever. And at the time it wasn’t expensive. Didn’t do the conversion here. Do you like foie gras? There’s was so good we had a second portion for dessert with little dabs of pureed fruit. Super nice people. Oh, and it had just gotten a Michelin star which I didn’t know when I made our res. I wrote it up on Chowhound, long out of business, and everything from there is gone.



That looks great. 1000 forint = about $3.

Yes, saw you mention it on another thread!

I love foie gras. Need to run Google translate since I couldn’t find an obvious English version for the website. :wink:

Interesting. I got a ‘drop down’ asking to translate. I’m so old that I don’t understand the internet, I just use it. (Turning 76 soon!)


It was one of my ‘heroes’ on CH who recommended it. But of course I can’t find that either.

Not quite:

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Although it can get a bit touristy, Gundel is actually quite good.


Oh my goodness, how did you find that? There’s a lot that I’d like to find - most not mine :slight_smile:

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It was in a roundabout fashion. I did an internet search for the “Borkonyha Chowhound.” There was no direct link to anything on CH (since it no longer exists), but some random person on another website had apparently posted a link to your review!

So then I used the “Wayback Machine” and entered the URL for the link.


I love having smart people in my life! Thanks. It was a terrific evening in every way. Thanks again.

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I can second Borkonyha–I went there twice a lifetime ago. (Realistically 8 or so years ago.)

I also liked Mak Bistro–and my aunt went recently (within the last two years) and came back raving about it.


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Re Borkonyha, maybe seven years ago we were in Bangkok at a recommended restaurant. Got to talking to a woman who works for the US in Antarctica (during their summer). She was going to to Budapest and I recommended the place. We hooked up on FB and she did go there and love it. And recommended to her mother who subsequently went there. Small world.

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Love the way back machine. Fun to go through the old Lucky Peach website

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