Calling out celebrities for bad behavior at restaurants!

Seems like an odd trend taking shape in the restaurant industry. Restaurants calling out celebrity customers for their bad behavior. First it was James Corden at Balthazar, then Anna Wintour at Raoul’s, both in Manhattan. Are you enjoying this, or is it just another well thought out P.R. coup? Why We Can’t Get Enough of Celebrities Behaving Badly at Restaurants - Eater

I’m here for it, simply because the world seems DESPERATELY short of consequences for people who are, frankly, destructive, mean-spirited, selfish assholes.

Ultimately, James Corden getting banned from a fancy restaurant that I will likely never visit matters not one whit to my existence, but I’ll enjoy the schadenfreude while it’s available.



Cui bono? How many people who haven’t thought of Balthazar in years decided to go because of the news stories about that nonsense? I only see the headlines and if I were in New York I’d probably have gone.

“There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.”—Oscar Wilde