Chow Mein Sandwich?

Is it possible to find that New England favorite, the Chow Mein Sandwich, here in Los Angeles?

@chandavkl, any intel?


You can find the Japanese variant (yakisoba sandwiches) at Hamada-Ya (Mitsuwa) and Nijiya Market.

Oh yeah, I think I’ve seen them at Hamada-Ya whenever I’m there ordering matcha frozen yogurt.

The yakisoba sandwiches are the ones entombed in cellophane, right?

By the way, have you tried their “egg salad donuts”? Good shit. In a good shitty way.

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Indeed, sweating profusely in their cellophane exoskeletons.

I’m afraid I haven’t had the egg salad donuts, as I have a strong aversion to eggs, but the curry pan is also trashy fun.

Not too much at Hamada-ya that isn’t trashy fun.

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No, it’s too regional. Like Springfield cashew chicken, St Louis St Paul sandwich, Detroit war siu gai (which did make it to Louisville) or DC mumbo sauce fried chicken among other Chinese American specialties.


Hey now… I take Hamada-Ya’s coffee jello milk (half-sweet) VERY seriously.

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How does that help me find it in Los Angeles?

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You can order a kit online:

I’ll have to try that next time I’m down there.

Little known, or relevant, trivia. The Hamada-ya in Jersey does not have frozen yogurt but has the best white toast I’ve ever had from a Japanese bakery. Like crack made out of flour.

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Being a carb fan, I’ve always marveled afar at their potato salad sandwiches.

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Get a little balance in your life and try the egg salad donuts. Carbs, protein, and fat all in one glorious bite after another. And another.

On a related note, here’s a thread I started some years ago about ‘that’ kinda chow mein.

I’m sorry, but every time I scroll through “Latest” and see the title of this thread, I cringe a little. Chinese noodles inside bread? Has anyone here eaten that?

I was not prepared for this

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Lol, okay, that’s not a sandwich. That’s a hamburger bun tossed on top of chow mien.

Did you like it? Did you eat the bun?

No, I just googled that because I was expecting to see panda express style chow mein between hamburger buns. Not…that

Love the random 3 greenbeans in the corner #healthy :wink:


Yes. My first thought was, “Dear god.”

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