Christmas Day - Buena Park

My dad just had neck surgery and lives in Buena Park off Magnolia and La Palma. I’m trying to find a nice place within 5-10 miles that will be open on Christmas Day. Either lunch or dinner. Any cuisine. Most interested in good food, price not necessarily an issue.

Are middle eastern and Lebanese places generally open? We’re calling around to a bunch of Korean places. If all else fails we may drive over the hill into Rowland Heights/Industry for Chinese but would like to stay closer.

thai nakorn?

Mas’ Chinese Islamic in Fullerton.

[Edit] Just saw that you contributed much to that very thread!

Thanks NS and J_L. We’ve been to both before and enjoyed both other than them forgetting our green onion bread at Mas. I was thinking maybe something a little nicer but they’ll be in the consideration set. We’re probably going to end up doing a Jewish Christmas - movie and Chinese food.

Han Yang is my favorite in that area.

The bone soups, the kimchi especially the mustard green kimchi, donkatsu, and the wild thistle rice. Have never seen that in KTown or mustard green kimchi.

But probably closed on Christmas?

I also like Kareem’s and Cortina’s in that area.

Just called Kareems and they said they will close at 2pm

And a speedy and healthy recovery to your Father

Cool thanks. Kareems is very close to their house and has been on our radar.

Cortinas is closed on Christmas.

I’m not entirely sure, but TAPS in Brea usually does a Christmas dinner. However, it maybe on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day. In the past, it’s a buffet much like their brunch but with a heavier focus on holiday favorites.

I tried making a reservation on the Taps website and nothing was available on Xmas. So going to assume they are closed.

Olive Tree or Hatam? Not sure if they open though.

Sorry, @js76wisco. It was worth a shot.
I just checked the Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse website, and they say they’re open at noon on Christmas Day. The Anaheim location isn’t too far from Buena Park.

I am going to make some calls to middle eastern and Lebanese restaurants. I’m assuming they do not celebrate Christmas but wonder if there is enough business to justify being open.

New Moon just opened up next to Porto’s.

Is this place any good?

Here is a new article from OC Weekly with some options but mostly for Christmas Eve

Eater L.A. just did a list, but it’s a damn shame they have zero options within the O.C. and southern and eastern regions of L.A. county. @matthewkang do you think you could help on this one?

OC just isn’t our purview…sorry about that!

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Obscure choice if you’re okay with a dated interior is Favori in Santa Ana. Newport Seafood up the street too. Various “bo 7 mon” (7 courses of beef) places but all are lacking in decor.

Back at it in 4 more days. The places we have eaten or taken out from on Christmas Day over the past 3 years

  • Benihana
  • New Moon
  • Newport Seafood

I think we might venture to Kareems or Korean this year. Happy Holidays.

How was New Moon?