CloudKitchens & a ghost kitchen that's not so ghostly

This is a twist on the concept. CloudKitchens, former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick’s new company, has a ghost kitchen in Oakland that its own web site plus walk-up ordering and pickup.

Not to be confused with the Assembly Food Hall that might happen at Jack London Square someday.

Does this imply there are 30-40 kitchen crews back there, each preparing their own places’ meals with their own ingredients, or does it mean 30 or 40 places have turned over their recipes to this place, and a single large crew is making everything from the same stock of ingredients?

The first sounds interesting, kind of inefficient, and like you would be getting some version of the actual restaurant’s dishes.

The second sounds you’re getting a ‘close enough for govt. work’ version of a restaurant’s food. Which may be just fine for these places.

But it also involves Travis Kalanick, so I’m sure that somewhere in the business plan is a dependency on screwing over the restaurants, the workers, and the customers, as well as a blatant end run around govt. regulation in order to achieve profitability.

Uber (Kalanick’s baby) and its offshoots/imitators are all shell games trying to bilk the investor class while destroying any labor and govt safeguards these would-be robber barons find inconvenient to increasing the size of their Smaug-like mountains of gold.

I predict a messy implosion within the year. Bonus points if it’s brought on by inappropriate comments/behavior from Kalanick himself.

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Yeah, it would be interesting to look inside and see how many kitchens there are.

Seems likely that 8Mileπ, Amici’s, and Montesacro are coming out of the same oven.

Another CloudKitchens project elsewhere in Oakland:

Never mind same oven (do you think they have a woodfired one AND a gas deck?). I’m betting they’re made by the same person. With the same cheese. Same pepperoni. Maybe they have different doughs and sauces. Maybe not? If you’re paying for DOP San Marzano tomatos on your magherita, are you getting them? or just the same canned romas they’re throwing on EVERY pizza?

Not that I have any reason to suspect ANY of this is factual. It’s absolutely just my speculation, based almost entirely on my deep (and frankly disproportionate) dislike and distrust of Kalanick and his past business ventures.

But I still wouldn’t put money on my being wrong.

If they used the same dough, at least two of the three would be totally wrong. Why would you think any of those three would need a wood oven?