Costco finds


I have to remind myself: WE’RE retired Time mean little. xoc


It would work for gluten free


Yes, it’s gluten free, but for that purpose what’s the point of using cauliflower rather than the usual mix of rice, tapioca, etc.?


So they can advertise it as a cauliflower crust? That gets more attention than rice or tapioca.


Could be, though that seems like bait and switch, since to a lot of people “cauliflower crust” means low-carb.


Found this in La Habra today.

Maggi from Germany. $12.49…that’s about half the price I paid for my last bottle at 99 Ranch.


Notice any difference? I’ve heard they are flavored slightly different depending on intended market. And that one is labeled Europe.


That’s even a teensy bit less than Amazon Prime.


I haven’t used Maggi made in China for at least a decade. I only buy made in Germany or France since Mom says that’s better stuff. The side label for this one is made in Germany. My Mom claims the flavor is more rounded out and less overtly salty than the Chinese one…I can’t remember since it’s been so long.


I saw folks with that in their carts last week at the Los Feliz Costco. I wondered if it was any different… Now I know!


Had this cheese at a gathering last night - the garlic basil - loved it! Very flavorful, a little goes a long way.

I think it’s larger chunks - 14 - 16 oz- $7.99.


This is what happens when you skip leg day.

Requisite lobster corgi pic


I usually avoid microwave sandos, but this fish and cheese was surprisingly doable. Size was a large slider, smaller than a burger.



Fewer calories than McD’s filet of fish, about the same protein. Slightly lower in fat (from a quick scan from getting ready for bed eyes.)

Good to know it’s tasty : )


Thanks for this. We try to keep one or two quick to fix things for lunches when we’re not in the mood to actually ‘make’ anything or go out.

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I use their fish sticks to make do a homemade version of FoF. They make a great fish stick.


I ADORE their fish sticks and use them to make fish tacos. Yum!


Do they get MWd?


I have used the fish sticks with some creamed corn to make a classic Canto home dish/cha chaan teng rice plate


No, oven. And I flip them to maximize crispness.

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