Costco finds

Fwiw I found the Costco product better than the Sun Noodle kit


This was right next to the manly-man bodybuilder protein powders and so on and it took me a bit to realize that it was infant formula.

Which is having serious supply chain delays. HUGE.

There was plenty at that Costco.

I tried cutting an Authentic Motor City Pizza down the middle and baking only half of it. Worked OK except it was really messy since the toppings are so loose and the frozen crust is brittle so it shattered. A serrated knife might work better.

If you like pork loins.

Sepulveda in Van Nuys.


I don’t think I’ve seen 2.29/lb for any protein in recent memory.

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$1.67 after the $4 / package rebate.

I can’t find any news stories that would explain that.

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Not to mention I have not seen pork loins at any supermarket recently, only tenderloins.

Also at MDR location yesterday. Same pricing and the $4 off. It was an amazing deal. Wish I had the freezer room to have grabbed more.

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I bought this since it was made with only ingredients you might use for homemade. It was kind of bland so I let it sit in the fridge for a while. It got moldy, and it didn’t look like the right kind of mold, so I tossed it. Never had that happen to kimchi in the fridge before.

I might buy it again and use it faster. Kind of boring as banchan but it would be fine for jjigae.

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For me, it’s kind of like Bud or Coors: if the only pork in stock is tenderloin, they’re out of pork.

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My first choice is shoulder but for me tenderloin has a place on my grill or in my oven.


Is that wrapped in bacon?


Something like this is a great use of pork loin! You’d have tacos for days with a whole loin


I need to find a Costco without a gas station. Or one where the lines at the gas station don’t make the parking lot a traffic jam.

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The Costco in Los Feliz (Los Angeles) has no gas station, but the parking lot is a traffic jam nonetheless :grin:

The Costco we usually go to in Seattle has the gas station quite away from the parking. Near but not there.

Burbank has two alt entrances not impacted by the gas station