Costco finds

Wear an apron :slight_smile:


I use the traditional method. Here is a good video that displays how to get started. Then I gently remove them by hand. I can process about 5-7 pomegrantes per hour…


@Dommy now we’re talking! Processing pomegranate!!!

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apparently pomegranates are hexagonal?? so if you cut the top off, you can know where to cut the sides to perfectly isolate the arils/kernels

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Not quite. At least mine aren’t so symmetrical…

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Looks like I am going to have to start paying more attention to this post! YAYAYAYAY!!!


New instant ramen kit. It was about $15 for two servings which included chasu.

It’s basically a pouch of soup, vacuum-packed noodles and chasu pieces, and freeze dried scallions and bamboo shoots. Boil the soup, heat up the chasu in it, soak the noodles and add the veggies.

Verdict: this bowl costt $7.50. I’ve paid less for better. Broth tasted mainly of intense garlic and little else. Noodles were unrarkable. Chasu was ok.

Would not buy again. I’ll.stick to the sun noodle packs I find at 99 Ranch.


I picked up a 24-pack of Guinness nitro cans for $32.89.

New-to-me Vicolo flavor. DIdn’t taste any pesto but liked it better than the mushroom one they sometimes have that’s dry unless I add extra cheese. The sausage is still my favorite. $16 for 3.

heartfelt condolences

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Don’t be racist.

Wish I’d noticed this BEFORE I went to Costco yesterday. :woozy_face: Oh well. Any thoughts on how best to correct for those issues? Sometimes an addition of gochujang, hoisin or some kind of stir fry sauce will help.

If you like spice, I suppose gochujang might work (I don’t care for it, myself). I think adding good spoonful of miso (white or red as you prefer) might work, but careful of salt levels. I think hoisin would be too sweet but maybe that would tamp down the garlic. A little fish sauce wouldn’t go amiss either, but, again, careful of salt levels.

Mostly, just don’t buy it again. Sun Noodle (and others) sell refrigerated packages of fresh noodles and concentrated soup base in tonkotsu, miso, shoyu and tantanmen for about $5-7 at places like 99 Ranch and most any other sizable Asian grocery. That plus Trader Joe’s pork belly has opened up ACTUAL ramen (as opposed to instant noodles) as a VERY doable weeknight dinner with relatively little fuss.

Those packets freeze for a a month or three just fine, btw…

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I personally found the Costco package fine and on par with the Sun Noodle packages mentioned above. For the price, I’ve had much worse too.

To make it better, I add bonito fish powder (usually sold as an umami increaser for ramen) and tons of garlic cubes from trader joes.

FWIW I would rather eat the Costco offering than any ramen type product within 20 minutes of my current location. by way of example, this is $10.50 from a local 5* Yelp rated restaurant.

WTF is that??? Hasn’t the world seen enough suffering???

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That’s what I’m saying - for people like me that Costco package is pretty decent by comparison.

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I played with TJ’s pork belly a bit but found it too fatty for my constitution……. UNTIL I roasted it in the oven at 400° for maybe 10-15 minutes with some char siu slathered on. Crisped up beautifully and went perfectly with something similar to the Sun product I found at Grocery Outlet.


Ok. After that absolute horror show, I will not begrudge you whatever ramen is better than… whatever the fuck that thing was.

It looks like beef-flavor top ramen with some green onions and… maybe some seaweed at the bottom?
Just… SITTING in a styrofoam clamshell?

And they charged you real spendable money for it? Nuts. Just absolutely nuts.

That’s a good option!

My move is to throw it in the freezer for 45 minutes, then peel it out of its package and slice it as thin as I can manage. Depending on the shape, I’ll get 8-10 slices from it. Then layer the slices in waxed paper and freeze, so it’s convenient for one or two bowls.

Before I cook the noodles, I sear a couple of slices in a pan on med, which lets the fat render a bit. Evacuate pork to paper towels and throw a little onion or garlic in the pork fat, then drizzle the fat into your soup!

OMG. The packaging and to go containers for that ramen. So sorry.