Crowdcasting for Restaurant Buzz

"Pretend for a moment that you’re walking through your neighborhood and notice a line of people wrapped around the block outside a newly opened restaurant.

Local food bloggers haven’t written about the venue, so you assume the trendy-looking crowd must be the result of contagious, word-of-mouth buzz.

There was a time when that may have been undoubtedly true — when you could trust that a crowd of people was, in fact, a naturally occurring mass of individuals."

“…Surkus threatens to disrupt the expensive role that promoters and public relations firms have traditionally played in advertising and brand-building.”

Clever new variation on the old practice of shilling.

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non-WaPo or C/P please.

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try this


It sounds like regular extras work, but you have to stand in line.

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Thank you, @PorkyBelly - I was hoping to figure out how to do that this morning. Much appreciated. :laughing:

Caroline Thompson, 27, a contributing writer for Vice, said she downloaded Surkus and attended an event last year at a Chicago club full of “finance bros” on a Thursday night.

“It was a little weird that probably 80 percent of the women at the club were there because of the app,” she said.

Thompson said she was paid $40 to attend the event.

Is this an app or a korean booking club, I can’t decide.