Daytrip - Temescal

The beverage director’s a good friend, so I’ve been three times plus once just to drink. I thought I took more pictures.

The rockfish dip is great. Kind of like brandade / mantecato de bacalao. Super wine-friendly, I’ll order it any time it’s on the menu.

Carrots three ways, roasted, fermented, and ? I forget. Get the focaccia to sop up the sauce.

Other highlights were spicy head-on shrimp (I’m a really hard sell on shrimp), celery salad, pasta with miso butter, lamb tartare, tiramisu with mascarpone made in house from Alexandre milk, Gorgonzola with savory chocolate shortbread, soppressata aka headcheese … I wish I’d taken more notes or photos. Check their Instagram feed for hours, It was Thurs.-Sun. from 4 pm but they’re planning to add another day.

The wines are pretty much at the other end of the “natural” spectrum from funky. The Eater writer just loves that word.


That’s nice to hear. Can’t wait to try this place next time I’m up there

Herb salad was really good. There were crunchy bits I thought were maybe walnuts or pecans, turned out to be dehydrated Castelvetrano olives.

The squash soup is great. Somehow the roe and vadouvan intensify the squash flavor.

Beef short rib pithivier with greens and I forget what. Delicious but insanely rich, I took around half home. More recently they were doing a version with mushrooms, gruyere, and smoked Dijon which sounds lighter.

Burmese-Philippine pop-up Monday.

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Tartare was great, nice spice level. This was after I mixed in the egg yolk.

You can’t see the spaghetti, brilliant and unexpected mix of flavors with the ribs.

Citrus athoke, great mix of textures and aromatics.

This was some of the best chaat I’ve had. I wish there had been a little more curry leaf, ran out halfway through.

Steak was cooked just right but I was getting full.

Or at least I thought I was getting full until the fried rice came out. Almost finished it, would have if there’d been more rice, took some of the sausage home.

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Warm Monterey Bay squid, peanuts, cilantro, fish sauce vinaigrette, eight kinds of citrus: very Thai flavors, nice and spicy.

Radish cake, caramelized rutabaga, beet gel, braised shitake: good though nothing like the Chinese dish I was imagining. The radish cake was fried crunchy and the texture was more like mashed potatoes.

Fried oysters with colatura Buffalo sauce and nori ranch: great dish, hard not to order if it’s on the menu.

Finally made it in the other evening to try some of the new dishes.

Tartare might be my favorite thing I had there. Ate it slowly and savored every bite. Cocoa nibs, who’da thunk it?

Tofu was a fun combination. Could have used more of the salty black sesame crunch, that really made the dish.

Halibut was nice, great sauce.

Roasted sunchokes with green almond was a surprising combination. Fun.

Pork belly sandwich from a Tuesday wine bar night a couple of weeks ago. Really looking forward to having that again but was too full.

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