December 2020 Rundown

Let’s end the last month of 2020 strong!!!

Mori-san’s fabulous take-out, from Morihiro… #GoldenAgeOfTakeout


Oh damn you went YOLO OOE


Picked up from a fish fry pop-up last weekend called Little Fish in Echo Park. 3 hip kids in a fancy house up behind Mohawk Bend and across from Bar Bandini.

Their hours are irregular, and you order via DM a few days in advance. Menu tends to be one piece of fish, 3 veggie sides, and a can of Coors Banquet. Last week it was fried rockfish, grilled cabbage, radicchio and olive salad, and roasted Japanese sweet potatoes.

I was impressed - the breading was thick as hell, but it was delicious and that meant it held up and didn’t get soggy on my drive home. And I really enjoyed the veggies - especially the grilled cabbage, but the others were great too. It was also a thoroughly interesting meal, each thing spiced very differently so that the flavors stayed fresh but not so differently that they clashed. I plan on going again whenever they do it next.


That’s awesome! I worked with them at Son of a Gun for a long time. Haven’t had Little Fish but yeah they’re great. Glad you enjoyed it!


Ah cool! Thought they might have worked somewhere good (always loved Son of a Gun) because the cooking / seasoning / technical stuff was all very clever, interesting, and on point. And it was definitely a fun vibe in their yard, if they keep it up after the plague abates it would be sorta like 106 Underground for hipsters.


Figured that I would outsmart the lined up masses and get a pizza from Prince St delivered to me.

Turns out my delivery guy had to wait for 45 minutes for my order after he arrived at the restaurant. Not sure if they force everyone (including delivery) to wait on line, or if they are just disorganized.

Needless to say the pizza arrived ice cold. Luckily it reheats nicely. Good pizza, but I wouldn’t wait in a line for it, nor will I get it delivered again until they can figure their system out.


Holbox - Thanks to @rlw for putting the thought in my mind. Had a lot of fun with a whole bunch of food.

Taco de Pescado al Carbon, Baja Fish Taco, Baja Shrimp Taco, Taco de Pulpo en su Tinta, Taco de Scallop

Kanpachi & Uni Tostada

Smoked Kanpachi Tostada

Shrimp Aguachile

Scallop Aguachile

Ceviche de Camaron

Ceviche del Dia de Pescado

Seafood Paella

South End Pizza
First time here and the pizza was on point. Only hiccup was they forgot a pizza. We also ordered the Fried Abbot. They handed us four pizza boxes and and two clamshells. One was a salad we ordered and the other they assured us was the Fried Abbot. It wound up being filled with fried brussels sprouts. Not a big deal but the way they “assured” us and an earlier mix up about what time we wanted to pick up were annoying. We should have checked the clamshell but were on with our day and didn’t care enough to call. Might be for the best as no fried pizza has ever been as good the Fried Dough Pizza I had at A16 years ago.

District 11


Ghostown (?) don’t remember

Brussels Town


I am dog tired from all the long days at work lately, but damn the torpedoes! For tonight is a (at-home) date night with the lovely and wonderful Mrs. J_L.

Vespertine x Alinea collaboration Tasting Menu take-out… A winner! The food was daring, tastefully complex, and manages to capture a lot of that quixotic flair we’ve come to expect from Grant Achatz. Now this, by no means, substitutes for an in-person experience at Alinea, but the scope of this inventive meal provides a delicious reminder of the brilliance of both Chef Kahn and Chef Achatz. Bonus: No tedious home prep was necessary for the standard Tasting Menu; many of the dishes come out of the box ready-to-eat! However, the story may be different if you order the “Be The Chef” iteration…

Alinea Table Dessert supplement… Channel your inner Jackson Pollock, and go wild with the holiday-inspired theme!


Bang bang afterwards with Ronald McDonald’s 2020 revival of the McRib (fries and holiday pie supplement are de rigeur)… #I’mMissin’It


Catching up on a few meals …

Holbox - inspired by all the great photos and reports, I went to town and loved everything. Really impressed with how well cooked all the seafood in the paella is, and mine even had a little socarrat! The stew was absolutely delicious but a bit rich for me - could’ve done with a little less of whatever fat thickens the liquid, tastes like butter?

Dtown Pizzeria - got the cheese and the Sgt Peppers pizzas. Both were nicely crisp and full of flavor but definitely not for the faint of heart! Check out the grease stains in the boxes. That brick cheese adds a nice tang, and the sauce in the red stripe is tasty if a bit sweet. Haven’t had the real thing, so I can’t compare, but I enjoyed these.

You Kitchen - mostly for the frozen dumplings, which are my fave at the moment. Also got their signature zi ma da bing, pictured in my car on my lap as I was driving home. Piping hot, pillowy goodness!


Pizzeria Bianco

baby yoda approved. thanks @NYCtoLA

margherita - tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, basil



these pies were delicious, they were both just sweet enough and had enough going on that I kept going in for more. really liked the crumb crust too that had just the right consistency. thanks for the rec @NYCtoLA.

they now have a lil kiosk in the middle of the far east plaza in front of scoops. @foodshutterbug

coconut cream

but wait there’s s’more…

peanut butter s’mores


A quickfire quadruple bang

Rick’s Fish Tacos

shrimp & fish tacos
There’s been talk of downhill alerts but I still very much love em.

Proof Bakery

almond financier
Lovely almond fragrance is a given but this had a wonderful crisp crust and a light and moist center.

apple chausson
Soft but still chunky apples are enclosed by a very flaky and buttery puff pastry. Quite nice!

Hail Mary

marguerita pizza | tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil, olive oil, sea salt

Looks and tastes :+1:. The pizzas here have a mild sourdough thin crust if that’s your thing. Even after 20 mins drive, the pizza was still crusty in spots.


almond “jello” | orange, satsuma, oro blanco, pomelo, asian pear, grape, goji berry, lychee jelly
There are more oro blanco this time around compared to the last 3 orders that I tried which really accentuated its inherent astringent aftertaste (not prime season yet?) that detracted from my enjoyment a bit. Still loving the sweet and sour notes that makes it really refreshing.


I highly recommend the thiccies too!


Is there a secret to ordering? I can never find this peanut butter s’mores flavor and I want it soooo bad.

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I’ve kept an eye on their Instagram stories to see their specials for the day, and if I spot something I want they’ve been kind enough to hold it for me when I DM them.


Thanks for the tip @rlw ! I love peanut butter desserts so this is right up my wheelhouse.


Happy Pre-Chanukah! Saw a suggestion to put pickle slices in the middle of the latkes and they are great! Not pictured, batch 1 fried in duck fat.


Attempted a pre-lockdown taco/burrito triple bang today but had to settle for a more traditional bang bang.

Tacos y Birria La Unica - got there early enough(~9:15am) to avoid a long line, waited about 15 minutes to order and get my tacos. As I was leaving, though, the line had tripled! Tacos, consomme, salsas all awesome as usual even though I had to eat them a little bit later.

Tire Shop / San Miguel morning stand - Carne asada tacos and chorizo tacos, also awesome as usual.

Burritos La Palma - tried to stop by their new takeout window after I hit up Tire Shop, but sadly had to rush home to take care of something. Next time …

Quick not-so-great pic at home - Tire Shop tacos on left, La Unica on right


I must have been lucky, they just happened to have it when I was picking up prd.


Amor Y Tacos (Cerritos)
I used to come here a lot when I worked nearby, and haven’t been back since I changed jobs. We wanted something to celebrate a friend’s recent addition to their family via FaceTime.
With limited staff, they’ve cut down on their tremendous bar program. Only 2 margaritas available to go…the house and the mango con chile…served in a 16 oz container. It’s pretty hefty and requires a bit of ice or else you could be in trouble, but if you’re at home, who cares?
We ordered the calamari, tuna poke tostada, guacamole, elote, and the chopped salad with shrimp.
Everything was really good. We got a giant serving of the fresh-fried tostadas as the chips to go with the guacamole. I wish they would have also given us some of their great house salsa, too. The calamari was so good…very tender and well-seasoned. The tuna poke tostada reminds us of our ahi tuna tacos from Gott’s Roadstand in Napa. The elote is served off the cob and the charred corn is smokey and delightful. The salad was a nice way to balance our meal.
It was pretty empty with the new stay-at-home protocols. I need to make a point of coming here more often. The cooking here is solid and thoughtful and an incredible value.