Delightful Cakes and Japanese Cream Puffs - Nagomi Cake House [Thoughts + Pics]

On a sleepy stretch of Western Boulevard, in a partially hidden tiny strip mall, sits Nagomi Cake House, a cute Japanese Dessert specialist that @attran99 and @thechez5 have been talking about on our boards for awhile now (thank you!). :slight_smile: (It also happens to sit next door to the wonderful, humble Fukuno.)

As you walk in, you’re immediately greeted by a refrigerated case of Nagomi’s pretty creations:

The vast majority of Dessert offerings at Nagomi Cake House are various flavors of Cakes (by the slice, or entire Cakes as well), which gives it a focus different from beloved Patisserie Chantilly (also in the South Bay).

Crispy Marron Cake:

I love various forms of Japanese Chestnut Desserts, and Nagomi’s Crispy Marron Cake doesn’t disappoint: Their Marron (Chestnut) Cream is light, nutty and not overly sweet. The Cake itself is moist and fluffy, and you get hit with little bursts of crunchiness from the Choco Balls within the cake. Wonderful! :heart:

Cream Puff (Custard):

Another specialty of Nagomi’s is their take on the Japanese Cream Puff. This is a different style and execution compared to Patisserie Chantilly’s legendary Choux à la Crème. Nagomi pre-pipes their Housemade Cream filling (still made fresh that day though), and it’s much larger in size.

Taking a bite, the Choux pastry is firm enough to hold the filling and keep its shape, but also soft enough to be pleasantly pliable. Then you get this massive burst of their Custard Cream filling! It’s thankfully not overly sweet, but it’s a lot of airy creamy goodness, and it’s delicious! :heart: This feels like it’s about 200% of the size of Patisserie Chantilly’s Cream Puffs, a little less refined, but still so delicious. All for just $2.75 each!

Sakura Mousse:

Beautiful decorations, almost jewel-like, pretty light pink to reflect the Sakura (Japanese Cherry Blossom) tribute. It was lightly sweet, a smooth, silky Mousse in each bite. I wished there was a bit more of a pronounced Sakura flavor, perhaps like what you’d get from a great Sakura Mochi, but this was still tasty. :slight_smile:

2nd Visit:

Green Tea Mousse:

This had a nice Matcha Green Tea herbally punch that helped balance the sweetness and the moist Cake.

Chestnut Mont Blanc:

Probably the most decadent of Nagomi’s offerings, it feels luscious, silky, creamy, with a nice Japanese Chestnut flavor coming through. :slight_smile: I prefer Patisserie Chantilly’s Kuri (Chestnut) offerings, but this is a fun, delicious Dessert in its own right.

3rd Visit:

Coconut Mango Mousse:

So good! :heart: Loved the tropical flavors coming through with the Mango and Coconut flavors. Delicate Mousse as with previous visits, and a moist, airy Cake.

Chestnut Mont Blanc:

We had some friends that wanted to try a Japanese Chestnut Dessert, so we had their Chestnut Mont Blanc again. Still as creamy and lightly nutty as before. :slight_smile:

Eclair (Custard):

Nagomi’s “Eclair” isn’t really like a traditional French Eclair in shape or density, but it was essentially their great Cream Puff with a Dark Chocolate shell on top. This was pretty tasty, but the Chocolate made the top a bit firmer than we were hoping for, but still punctuated by their cloud-like, not overly sweet Pastry Cream filling.

Plum Wine Jelly Milk Pudding:

Probably the biggest departure from the majority of their lineup, their Umeshu (Japanese Plum Wine) Jelly Milk Pudding was definitely alcohol-forward, with a distinct grown-up taste, balanced by the lightly sweet Milk Pudding bottom. :slight_smile:

Overall, Nagomi Cake House is a delightful Japanese Dessert specialist, run by a humble husband & wife team, serving some of the lightest, and largest array of Japanese Cake Desserts in the city. The Cake itself has been consistently moist, airy, not overly packed or dense, and the various flavor profiles have been wonderful as well, with the Crispy Marron (Chestnut) Cake, Mango Coconut Mousse being my favorites. Their Japanese Cream Puff is noteworthy as well, probably my 2nd favorite in the city, not as delicate and refined as Patisserie Chantilly (and Chantilly has their legendary Black Sesame version), but still so good! (And both are vastly better than Beard Papa’s.)

Nagomi Cake House
15915 S. Western Ave., Suite #D
Gardena, CA 90247
Tel: (310) 780-5579


So glad that you enjoyed it, @Chowseeker1999! It’s a delight…I need to try that sakura mousse.


Surprised by this as I thought you were more a savory than sweet person, but beautiful pics, and great write-up (as always!). Thank you (although I am a savory rather than sweet person myself)!

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Hi @attran99,

Thank you for the recommendation! :blush: It’s a cute little shop, and their assortment of Japanese Cakes are wonderful. What’s your favorite Dessert there?

Hi @ebethsdad,

Thanks! Oh, you’re right: I enjoy savory more than sugar. :wink: But once in a while, I get that craving. :slight_smile: Also, great Desserts deserve to be celebrated, and Nagomi has a few here that are tasty without being a sugar overload (like too many places).


@Chowseeker1999 the strawberry cake, cream puff, and chestnut desserts are my go-tos there.


Glad you enjoyed it! It’s a fave of ours too. And while it’s not as good as Chantilly… it’s a bit cheaper and open later! We hardly get to Chantilly because of their hours…

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That pretty in pink Sakura Mousse looks like it’s made for a princess in a Disney movie. :cake: :two_hearts:


This place has been on my to-try list for a long time but I finally got to try it on New Year’s Day! Driving from Echo Park to Gardena was a breeze since there was no traffic :grin:

I got the 5-inch strawberry cake ($22) and it was seriously so good. How do these bakeries get their cake to be so light and fluffy, without being dry at all? I had this cake in my fridge for a good five days and kept taking small slices of it, and it never dried out (the frosting got a little hard around the edges but not a big deal) The whipped cream frosting is also my favorite. I have never liked American-style buttercream, which is usually too heavy, dense and super sweet. Give me whipped cream style frosting from any Asian bakery!

My husband and I ate the matcha cake slice the day we got it, and I liked how there was one layer of strawberry cream to help counter the slight bitterness of the matcha. The cream filling is so good, not too sweet at all.

Cream puff- I ate it the next day but the craquelin on top was still crispy/crunchy. The custard filling was so good! Not too sweet and not too liquidy or thick, just right.

The chestnut mont blanc I ate 2 days after I bought it, but the cake itself was still moist and fluffy. The chestnut flavor definitely came through, and the candied chestnut on top and inside was a good textural addition.

I would definitely go back to try more stuff. I wish it was closer to me!


Hi @hanhgry,

Thanks for the report back and great pics! :slight_smile: That’s great to hear their entire strawberry cake was also excellent. It’s not surprising considering their individual servings are still so moist, fluffy and nicely balanced. :slight_smile:

Have you ever been to Patisserie Chantilly yet? (Also in the South Bay.) If not, they’re worth a visit as well, to do a comparison of their Cream Puffs with Nagomi’s. And I think Chantilly’s Chestnut Mont Blanc is incredible (along with many other Desserts). :slight_smile:

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I have never been to Patisserie Chantilly but I definitely want to try it! It’s just so far from me so the only time I could go is when I have a day off or the weekend. Maybe this weekend I can go since I have MLK Day off from work :slight_smile:


Hi @hanhgry,

Totally understandable. If you do get to go, take a look at the FTC thread I linked for pics and thoughts. Definitely get one of their Black Sesame Cream Puffs and regular Cream Puffs at least. :wink:


Great report @Chowseeker1999 The Mont Blanc looks more traditional like those sold in Japan than P. Chantilly’s - I hope to try it some day.

Frances Patisserie, formerly in Little Tokyo and now in South Pasadena also offers Mont Blanc - would be interested in your take so I can enjoy vicariously without the calories :wink:

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Hi @foodshutterbug,

Thanks. :slight_smile: And thanks for the reminder on Frances Patisserie. I thought I read somewhere that they were moving. But as for living vicariously without the calories, nooo! I was hoping you or @attran99 or @PorkyBelly would try it first and save me calories! :smile:

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Frances Bakery is no longer in Little Tokyo. Its replacement, Tous Les Jours, is but a shadow of the former glory that was Frances. :frowning:


Frances Patisserie is in South Pasadena now, off of Fair Oaks near the 110