DeSano Pizza Bakery - Pop-Up with Italian Pizzaiolo Attilio Bachetti



He’ll be at sotto on the 21st if anybody missed him this weekend.


oops, sorry just saw that you mentioned sotto too.

The crusts on all the pizzas look amazing. Great report!


i wouldve been happy if i had been there!’s the 14th…is he still there?

Hi @lapizzamaven,

Yes he’s still there until closing.

Call ahead to make sure they didn’t sell out of the dough. :slight_smile:

just did Chowseeker…theyre whippin up more dough! will try to get there!

Aaaaaugh! :sob::sob: No way for me to make it there today. The pizza looks awesome!!!

Hi @Sgee,

Chef Bachetti will be at Sotto next Sunday before he returns to Italy. Yah the pizza was pretty awesome! :slight_smile:

Sotto details, appears to be dinner only.

Still serving …

Nice @TriTip. Let us know which pizzas you ended up trying.

So I guess Pizza Hut really didn’t invent the stuffed crust pizza. Who knew?!?!

Would love to have been there but out of town sadly. Great report as always.

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Thanks for the linkage! glad you enjoyed!

Did you make it?

Thanks @ipsedixit. Hopefully you can make his next pop up. :slight_smile:

nah, got lazy…maybe Sotto next week…looked great

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We tried three: The Carnavale, the Los Angeles and the Cannolo.

@Chowseeker’s descriptions of the Carnavale and Los Angeles are spot-on.

The crusts were all perfectly cooked, just the right amount of blister and char. The selection of ingredients and their proportions were all superb.

Each pizza’s crust seemed to be tailored to its toppings. Makes sense. Haven’t really seen that here in the states:

  • The Carnavale, in addition to its soon-to-be-legendary ricotta-filled star points had a sturdy center to work with the heavier sausage-based topping.

  • The Los Angeles had a chewy Neapolitan edge with a thinner, slightly crisp/puffy/blistered delicate center for its lighter ingredients. “Chewy” doesn’t mean tough like… Pizzeria Mozza’s crusts, for example. Bachetti’s crusts are light and puffy with an addictive chewiness.

  • The Cannolo, as the name implies, is a tube-shaped pizza stuffed with ricotta, mozzarella, sausage and porcini. Chewy, slightly heavier-duty crust, with a infusion of porcini flavor throughout. Great balance of flavors.

If you’re a pizza nerd like me or are curious about a modern Neapolitan chef’s take on the art I’d try to grab a reservation at Sotto’s event on the 21st. I think it’s filling up quickly.

The Cannolo


I went to the Sunday morning “cooking class” with Attelio and then went back for dinner to try his pies. The “cooking class” was mostly a waste of time as I don’t really have intentions on making pizzas at home. This is something I ventured into years ago and concluded that it’s one of those things best left to the pros. It’s just not worth the prep, mess, and clean up that you have to deal with in making pizzas at home.

Desano’s was PACKED last night. Lines were out the door just to order and wait times for pizza after ordering were in the 30-40 min range. I bet Marino wishes business was that good every night.

As for the pizzas, I had the Carnavale and the LA pizzas. The Carnavale was AWESOME. I’m going to have dreams about that pizza. The LA pizza, while good when all the ingredients can be consumed in one bite, was rather plain as the toppings were too sparse even for a neapolitan pie and most of it was just bread/crust. Not the worst thing I guess since that crust was simply amazing, but wasn’t my favorite. I would gladly eat one of Desano’s creations over this pie.

One thing to note regarding Sotto. Desano was charging $18 for all the pies last night while Sotto will be charging $20-28 for the pizzas. That’s a heavy westside markup if you ask me.


how’s the tip saggage, i hate a flaccid crust.