Di Fara's - still worth it?

So on the last message board, I was told that NYC pizza was superior, and had to go to one of 10 shops to experience said superior pizza. One of the names was Di Fara.

Now, I know we don’t love yelp but pictures don’t lie - a 2 hour+ wait for a chance of $30 burned pizza does not sound appealing to me.

Thoughts? I’m leaning towards going to Smorgasburg beforehand and just skipping Di Fara.

For a slice in Brooklyn, hard to top DiFara.

For a whole pie, I really like Lucali. I really like Motorino as well, but they’re not really Brooklyn-centric.

I got 2 days in midtown 2 days near Central Park and 1 day in Brooklyn. Will take any other suggestions you got in those areas.

Any particular preference? Or price point? Number of people?

Just pizza

Already booked my main meals.

Sticking to just the Midtown (east and west) area:

  1. Don Antonio

  2. Keste

  3. Marta

In that order.

Enjoy your trip

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Sweet. I’m heading to NYC soon as well, so I’ll take these notes too, athankyou.

Just do Motorino and Keste. Then you can come back like WilliamBeckett and say how you knew NYC pizza was going to be terrible like you suspected :wink:

Which main meals are you doing? Just curious.


My one experience at Di Fara half the pizza was burnt similar to what you posted. The parts that weren’t were really tasty though.

Marea and Tori Shin. I’ll do Nakazawa if I can get reservations, I check daily for cancellations.

I thought about Yasuda based on your other threads but the ambiance doesn’t appear to be what I’m looking for at that price point.

Yasuda for lunch is a good deal.

Nakazawa was almost 2x.

Also consider swinging by Eatlay and eating at the seafood counter. Grilled local calamari and the grilled carabineros are excellent and well priced.

Yep Eataly is def on the list. I’ll be sure to find the seafood!

For a good seafood bar experience, you should consider Pearl Oyster Bar.

If black sea bass is on the menu, get it.

The grilled whole fish at Pearl Oyster Bar is excellent.

You can also do the lobster roll there vs Mary’s Fish Camp in a who does it best showdown.

One of the best lobster rolls I’ve had recently in Manhattan was at Dinnertable.

go to Prince St pizza for slices, especially the grandma with pepperoni! and Don Antonio for pies

Praise jesus, 2 block walk from my hotel.

How do y’all feel about Ippudo compared to the SoCal offerings?

I will just diplomatically say that my ramen joint of choice in Manhattan is Totto. Maybe Ramen Lab if my timing is right.

But if you go, definitely check out Momosan, which after one initial visit is making me reconsider my fealty to Totto.

Thanks for the reminder on momosan.

Has anyone been to Roberta’s? I haven’t seen it mentioned here, but I’ve heard good things and Eater NY has it as one of their 38 Essential NYC restaurants…