Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- JULY 2017 -- BURGERS

Appropriate for the holiday weekend. Happy grillin’ and happy 4th.


Did G Burger in FV last night. It wasn’t as good as I remember it being. Patties were under-seasoned, but other than that, it was decent.

I recently had the Jam burger at Pig Pen Delicacy in Irvine and it was pretty tasty.

Wasn’t too impressed with the Pig Pen in Santa Ana.

Also got some fries with flamin hot cheetos and mac and cheese but subbed with tater tots and it was surprisingly good as well. Their fries are those really thin variety and are tasteless.

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Last week I dreamt that I bit into a burger at Pie 'n Burger and a chunk of glass was inside. They asked me not to sue. I agreed on the condition that I become a co-owner.

“Deal. But you can’t change the burger recipe.”

“Even the glass?”

We all had a good laugh, and I put on an apron and got to work.


What doesn’t kill you makes you…? Get your part-owner ass to work? Maybe that steer was an impressionist for rapper Doug E Fresh?

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We just had some burgers from Burgerim in Glendale and they were surprisingly decent.

My turkey was a tad underseasoned (as other posters had noted) but my husbands two beef burgers (one dry aged, one regular) were VERY flavorful and the buns on all three? Awesome. (We got the whole wheat.)

The fries were very tasty and being able to play with the coca-cola drink maker? Too much fun : )


Went to Kings in Northridge for the usual sushi + bacon burger/mix tempura. No pic so here’s an earlier one.


the burger they have at brunch at tasting kitchen is phenomenal

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One day early…but the office catered a summer party for the employees. Pink’s Hot Dogs and TK Burgers from the OC. Skipped the hot dogs and had the cheeseburger from TK with fries. It was a good cheeseburger where you add your own toppings (secret sauce, iceberg lettuce, tomato, and sliced red onion…pickled jalapeños if that’s your game). Fries were crispy, but they tasted off…maybe as a result of the oil being old. Not bad for a free lunch.


SmokeShack and Roadside Double.
Shake Shack, Hollywood.


patty melt at rodeo burger in norco. it was better than a carrot.


Closeup of the Shack Burger from my most recent visit to Shake Shack. The crust on this baby was just perfect.


Me so happy at The Apple Pan…


Tuck Room Tavern’s Wagyu Beast Burger (aged cheddar, crispy shallots, bacon jam, smoked ham, applewood bacon, classic aioli), which comes with fries and ketchup. 310 Blonde is a bonus option. Word.


Is this the restaurant in the iPic?

Edit (after seeing your response, @J_L): the few times I’ve been to the iPic, I’ve found the food to be better than it really needs to be, given the captive audience. Perhaps time for a visit to the restaurant, even if I’m not catching a movie…

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They are currently featuring a wonderful in-season dessert: Strawberries & cream, made with delicious Harry’s Berries gaviotas, front and center. Anything that connects “Sherry Yard” and “dessert” is worth going to, in my book…


Is that the one with american cheese? It looks yummo! Good picture.

…am I allowed to say (write) american cheese?

Actually I think of Tuck Room Tavern as more of a gastropub which happens to have a movie theater attached to it…

Yeah, and I HATE American cheese, but this burger was still good.

Why wouldn’t you be allowed to say American cheese? I’m confused.

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Great… I have an unhealthy love of american cheese - not the shiny slices wrapped in plastic, but deli-style, like in your picture.

Ignore the 2nd question, it wasn’t really directed at you. I was being peevish.