East Pasadena Pizza Options?

Way East, like by Arcadia. Is there anything you can think of that has either a decent Napoletan or NY style?

Zelo Gourmet Pizza with a cornmeal crust.



Zelo is great, but it is anything but Neapolitan or NY style.

True, but didn’t really know of any other pizza in the area.

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Slim pickings but your best bet might be Omar’s in Monrovia.

What the crap kind of pizza is that? I don’t even know what to call this style. It’s a take on chicago style?

Looks like it’s in Arcadia now. So I think what you all are saying is that if someone is to make good to great pizza in the area they might get some attention from the locals and FTC types?

Unlikely, I’ve lived in Arcadia for a good portion of my life, it’s more likely to go under

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And East Pas?

It’s pretty slim pickings around here when it comes to pizza, at least the more traditional options. There’s a Mamma’s Brick Oven Pizza on Rosemead (related to the one in South Pasadena on Fair Oaks), Zelo in Arcadia on Foothill, Tony’s on Huntington in San Marino, and…Romeo’s(?) in Pasadena at Colorado/San Gabriel. Otherwise chains and some Italian restaurants that have pizza on the menu.

I don’t know the population base would support NY or Neapolitan style. Maybe, though.

In Pasadena (east or west, why does it really matter) best bets are Pie Life or Settebello.

Chill dude.

It’s Monrovia. The armpit of Pasadena.

I’m chilling, what’s the style called? Does it have a name?

Elevated Mama Celeste

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Do you have any more thoughts on this? Curious as well if it’s the lack of anything great is just the nature of the demo or whether it just hasn’t been tried well. Of course it’s kind of a guess, but a local will have a better guess.

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The former.


Mamas Brick Oven Pizza in Rosemead is passable. I would go to Zelo, different style but I like it.


I honestly don’t know. My gut says a place could work at this end of town, if they can find a spot that’s affordable while establishing a base beyond pizza fanatics. I wonder if along Washington, in the area of Carmella, might work?

This is likely true. However, for me, I have not been thrilled with either place. Their styles don’t hit my sweet spot when I want pizza. (I think I tend toward more Italian-American restaurant style, if anything, with a preference for non-tomato sauce sauces.)

I do love Zelo, and do regularly crave it, but I think of Zelo’s pizzas as a thing unto themselves (much like Europane’s egg sandwich is a singular thing).

We end up at Tony’s most often, for slices and eggplant parmesan sandwiches, to be honest.

Interesting, short piece on some of the less traditional pizza options in the SGV (and La Canada/Flintridge):

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Only had Zelo’s once, and I think this is a good description (BTW, I very much liked the pizza).

It has admittedly been more than 2 decades since I had a Tony’s pizza, but aren’t they relatively NY in style? I remember that my parents would RAVE about NY pizza and, when I asked what pizza resembled that, they paused and responded, “Tony’s.”