Esquire's best new restaurants in America, 2021

You don’t need to line up to get Horn BBQ, you can order ahead.

I didn’t like Schwarmaji’s lamb enough to go back, but just last night a friend was telling me that I have to try the chicken.

Fish & Bird was quite good but I’m sure there are better new izakayas in LA. I would not eat on the sidewalk anywhere in downtown Berkeley.
Fish & Bird restaurant brings modern Japanese flavors to Berkeley

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Dhamaka is #1? Huh.

Chef Edward Lee’s Khora restaurant in Cincinnati made the list but was pulled when the hospitality company that manages it fired Lee and his team because they didn’t turn a profit in year one. News just broke and everyone here is pissed.


Welcome! And disappointing to hear

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Gotta love a company called Humanist Hospitality putting profits over people