Farmers market, currently in season PSA

I’ve never been (I think I walked by randomly once), but there appears to be one FM’s market in DTLA on Sundays: (2nd listing)

There is also one at USC:

Maybe the western parts of the SGV might have some farmer’s markets?

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Adding to the Culver City FM info - they also have a vendor who sells a large selection of herbs, vegetables, peppers & fruit plants for the garden. I’m not sure what the man’s name is but his spot is in the middle of the market and hard to miss.

I call this Passing Seasons Fruit Salad… okay not really, but I only make it a certain time of the year because the window for pomegranate (stehly farms), blueberries (cortez farms) and mangos (?) to be in season at the same time is small.

Tossed w/juice from the mango & squirt of lime juice.