Fast Food Thread

Jack is stepping up his egg roll game


I wish they made those tacos with slightly more filling. Mmmmm mystery meat paste tastes so good. Long Live JIB Tacos! I can’t believe I love those piece of shit tacos so much.

I recently tried KFC Nashville Hot Chicken…it’s meh if you are expecting that Nashville flavor but if you lower your expectation and think of it as a “spicy” chicken it’s fine in a pinch. I’ll still take Popeyes with a side of red beans and rice


Just a heads up, McDonalds is giving away a FREE regular sized new Caramel Brownie McFlurry on May 4 at participating locations.

No purchase necessary. Just use the deal in the app either by showing the cashier the QR, or by using mobile pay.


$3 Triple Whopper from Burger King (app has them on Wednesday — sometimes extends to lunch Thursday)

I ripped the buns off to make it low carb. I can just feel the health!!!

Also, lookie what’s on the menu… the new chicken sandwiches.

Might have try for lupper


Taco Bell APP Overcharges

Just a warning, if you use the Taco Bell app.

I told them about 6 months ago. They even called me to recreate an example of an overcharge since they hadn’t seen it. It was minimal. 10¢ here and 15¢ there… it was a problem with real-time pricing from the store. But now, it’s off the rails. Not having to do with locations, but the way the app calculates the price of add-ons/customizations.

Here is a 44% Overcharge.

Beefy Potato-Rito = $1.59

Make It Supreme (add 90¢)

SHOULD BE $2.49 but the app charges $3.59


The mcdonalds app keeps not letting me log in. But for a free mcflurry? I will persevere! Thanks!

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Oooh… I love those tenders. But I am pretty sure they are not good for me :laughing: :wink:

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The hubster and I actually really like the BK chicken nuggets. And for a while the app had deal - spend more than $1 and you got a free kids meal. I can’t tell you how much I loved opening the cheesy prize. Still.

The offer is now get a free kids meal if you spend over $5. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted!