Fat + Flour - Grand Central Market / DTLA

I know! I’m trying to get there this coming week!

Be sure to pre-order at least two days in advance. Sadly I struck out completely on my last trip. I just can’t schedule these things, let alone pre-order plus pick up times. :confused:

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Okay, thanks for the tip. I’m slowly starting to get the hang of pre-ordering.

Thanks to @rlw and @PorkyBelly for advanced intel. I emailed F&F when the bo kho pie was sold out — was told to check at 5pm when they refresh slots on Tock.

Success! Got the beef pie on Friday along with the choc peppermint chess pie and seasonal fruit hand pie (cranberry apple).

I heated the beef pie for a few minutes and when I dug in with my fork, the scent of 5 spice with beef magically wafted up. Dipped the crust into the pie like it was fondue. Heaven.

Chocolate peppermint pie - put me in a Christmas holiday mood - staff cut the pie after I arrived for pick up and decorated it with 2 peppermint drops before boxing.

Nicole Rucker has been described as a fruit whisperer and I decided to simply TRUST and order the seasonal fruit pie without knowing the flavors beforehand. Last weekend it was a cranberry apple pie filling.

Came in it’s own box and was massive for a handpie, perhaps suitable for Andre the Giant. I divided mine into 2 portions. The cranberry apple filling’s tartness gives way to the vanilla rum sugar dusted crust at the end of the bite - indicative of Rucker’s genius imho.

Definitely looking forward to future offerings at F&F via preorder.


glad you got to try the bo kho pie @foodshutterbug.

If you’re warming it up straight out of fhe fridge, 350 for about 20 minutes was perfect for me.


:rotating_light: red alert :rotating_light:


Is curbside pickup still an option if ordering through Tock? I don’t fancy the idea of walking into GCM right now, to be totally honest…


yep, just call or text when you arrive on hill st.


Key Lime pie. Really pretty. Homemade whipped cream: A+. Very little added sugar (almost none, afaict), which is just how I (and the rest of my family) like it. Pie itself was also fantastic, both the curd and the crust. A noticeable step up from what they’re serving at Bludso’s, which is already good.

Hand pie. Just apple, but that fact was as far from being a disappoinment as you can imagine, especially when so well done. Apples cooked through just right, not too much sugar, not too much spice, flaky dough (yet sturdy enough that I could cut it into inch-wide slices without making a mess!), etc. This could be a headliner anywhere else.

The chocolate chip cookie deathmatch thread inspired me. Pretty good! Also massive. Definitely on the more savory side at far as these things go, as well as thin & crunchy (though mostly at the bottom, which is an interesting eating experience).

Not yet pictured: the sour cherry buttermilk pie, and the salted honey chess pie. Just waiting for dinner…


Take and bake chicken pot pies back in stock:


New year, new update:

Biscuit Trio

I’m in love with Chef Rucker’s biscuits. They’re brilliantly soft and flaky at the same time, a result of the ricotta cheese she incorporates (as revealed in her cookbook Dappled). Add on some high quality butter and some sweet/tangy jam and you have some of the tastiest under the radar biscuits on the east side. Available on Saturdays only for now.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chess

The standard chocolate chess gets a small upgrade with an addition of a thin layer of peanut butter. However, there’s still significantly more chocolate than peanut butter here, so it’s much more of an accent to the dense, chocolatey custard.

Chicken Pot Pie (take and bake)

Remember the revelation that was the Vietnamese Pot Pie from late last year? Well now you can truly eat it piping hot from the oven. Fat + Flour has started selling a variety of take and bake pot pies, from traditional chicken and Chef Shawn Pham’s Vietnamese Beef Stew, to vegetarian options like Truffle Mushroom and Red Curry Vegetable. It comes with instructions (375 degree oven for 50-60 minutes) and the result is a perfectly cooked pot pie with absolutely magical crust that will burn the roof of your mouth because you tried to eat it too soon.




The only way to dig out the goods!

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Ancient Chinese secret ;-D


haven’t seen these two mentioned, they were both winners.

bergamot honey chess
loved the rich custardy texture and how the bottom crust still stayed crisp. the bergamot gave this a bit of citrus and floral notes.

pear & milk jam handpie
didn’t taste much milk jam but this was still delicious. my favorite part might have been the caramelized bottom after I reheated it in the toaster oven.


I’ve been meaning to try the new chess pie—sounds great.

The pear milk jam was my favorite of the pear items she was making last year! May also have been one of my favorite of her hand pies overall too…

Omg :drooling_face:

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truffle mushroom pot pie
so good I didn’t even mind that it was vegetation. the puffy, flaky, buttery crust is once again the standout, and no squidgy bottom @TheCookie


:sweat_smile:… But seriously, THAT is a pot pie filling!


cherry and fancy red celery (aka rhubarb) crumble pie
get it