Fat + Flour - Grand Central Market / DTLA

Yeah for real though!


Co-signed. i had a Fat + Flour gorgefest last weekend. I had

blackberry blueberry + ginger handpie
slice of cherry/rhubarb crumble pie
chocolate chip cookie
brownie (classic)
peanut butter brownie
peanut butter cookie sandwich
beef pot pie

My favorite from the bunch was the handpie. If you see that flavor, it’s worth it. I’d eat any of it again, with the exception of the peanut butter brownie, which I found cakey and lacking in pb flavor.


no one has mentioned the cowgirl cookie yet.
its definitely the sleeper hit on the menu: it’s like a blondie in slightly crumbly cookie form. i normally dislike white chocolate, but it pairs so damn well with the hint of roast espresso in the cookie.

pairs exceeding well with a cup of strong tea. get it next time you’re at F&F!


Cowgirl Cookie

When I picked this up, Sam mentioned this might be his favorite cookie yet. And while the Chocolate Chip Cookie is firmly in that elite tier as far as cookies of that type go, this Cowgirl Cookie is a real stunner and the best of the “compost” cookies I’ve had in LA. Compost cookies can get quickly out of hand (ie: upwards of 7 ingredients like potato chips and pretzels and three kinds of chips) but this one is more restrained, making it a stronger cookie overall. The browned butter gives it a bit of a lighter crumb, while the white chocolate chips and espresso meld into a fantastic balance of bitter, sweet, and salty. There are now two cookies you can’t skip at Fat + Flour.

Rocky Road Fudge

The fudge was a limited item likely to show up in the Valentines day cookie tin (notice the pink marshmallow) and if you just eat the fudge you’re going to feel like you’re just mainlining the most dense chocolate fudge you’ve ever had. Thankfully, the almonds are there to add a bit of a crunch, and the marshmallow gives you lighter bites that aren’t as overwhelming.

PB Brownie

The PB brownie is a twist that’s just as dense and fudgey as the OG traditional brownie Chef Rucker has on the menu. With peanut butter creme mixed right into the batter, I get the feeling that this is the dynamic contrast that Chef Rucker was probably looking for in the short lived PB Chocolate Chess Pie. This is absolutely the superior peanut butter/chocolate mashup of the two, that has a near perfect balance (that marbling!) between peanut butter and chocolate.

Blueberry Blackberry Ginger Handpie

I can’t really tell where this handpie ranks amongst all the other handpies because they’re all outstanding, and this is another strong outing. While the crust is always the star, the x-factor is the lacing of ginger that takes the filling to a another dimension. The rule by now though is: don’t leave Fat + Flour (or GCM for that matter) without a handpie in your order.


My goodness, I need to grab a PB brownie ASAP.

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General service announcement if you’re wandering through GCM or purposefully stopping by Fat + Flour for a pick up, always ask if they’re doing anything special today. Chef Rucker has said before that they’re making daily specials as they have bandwidth to drive foot traffic and those frequently go up on Instagram. But they also might have some off menu specials that you’ll just have to ask about.

Chocolate Bundt Cake

This was an amazingly chocolatey and moist bundt cake. And while this one doesn’t do anything outrageous, its execution was precisely what you want and had a really cute valentines theme.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Still the GOAT.


Now that the Holidays (Thanksgiving through Valentines Day) are over, Fat + Flour is back to baking up some specials!

Buttermilk Chocolate Chip Pie

A buttermilk custards sits on top of a chocolate custard and is studded with chocolate chips before being drizzled with more chocolate, chopped pistachios, and a bit of orange zest. The flakey and doughy crust is still the best in the game, but the filling shows Chef Rucker is out to stretch her legs and take some adventures outside the menu mainstays.

Almond Raspberry Jam Tart

The new tart is quite similar to the frangipanes that were on the pre-holiday menu, but the almond custard here is a bit lighter. It also sits upon a layer of raspberry jam as a nice bit of added sweetness as you cut through. It feels like the buttery crust shines even greater in mini pie form because it has a greater crust to filling ratio–and Chef Rucker really lets it rock out.

Banana Blondie

Layered with slices of banana, this brown sugar blondie is basically like super fudgey banana bread that’s mixed with chocolate chips and has a hint of espresso. It doesn’t sound complicated, but the simple twist turned out great.

Espresso Chocolate Chess

The Espresso Chocolate Chess has been on the menu for a few weeks now and it’s easy to see why; it’s the Batman of Chocolate Chess pies. From the OG to peppermint to peanut butter, it has now reached its peak form with a a perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness. It’s typically available as a a mini or whole, and sometimes late in the day as a slice.

Chocolate Chocolate Chip

If you’re mainlining chocolate and you’ve got the brownie and the chocolate chess, the new Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie should be next on your list. If we’re operating on the fudgy to cakey spectrum this is still way on the fudgy side, but not nearly as far as the brownie and has much more of a gooey character to it. The little bits of seasalt bring out even more chocolate flavor, and while the edges are somewhat crisp and forgettable, what you’re really after is that center. When eating this I just ate the edges all the way around and worked my way to the center (yes I’m a psychopath, yes that’s the best way to enjoy this cookie)

“Pink Lady” Strawberry White Chocolate Chip Oatmeal

Leave it to Chef Rucker to create the apex oatmeal cookie. Incredibly gooey and with a classic oatmeal cookie flavor, the great fresh strawberry chunk elevate this above your typical oatmeal raisin varieties. Throw in some white chocolate chips for extra creamy sweetness, and you’ve probably got Fat + Flour’s newest sleeper.


Another thumbs-up here. The texture of the almost filling here was unique–Chef Rucker had to describe it more by technique than by classification. This meant I only half understood the description, yet paradoxically that gave me greater faith in trying it out. It’s somewhere between a custard, frangipane and almond croissant filling. Soft and moist, but instead of smooth cream has kind of a moist, almost wet crumbliness, and yet also some firmness like an almond paste (while not being a paste…).

Also enjoyed the coconut curried greens handpie again. Kind of like a buttery version of saag paneer, though I may be thinking that mainly because of the bread cheese. The coconut was like a richness in the background, I didn’t place it as coconut until I read the online description later. Greens were perfect, leaves were soft but very intact.




Pi Day Warmup

Blueberry Blackberry Lemon Crumble Slice

Chef Rucker’s pie crust is elite and usually yes, more is better, but there’s something about this crumble topping that is electric. It’s gooier and a bit of a sugar bomb, but sitting on top of a tangy filling it feels perfectly balanced.

Raspberry Jam Bar

This is one of those reasons just to pop in to GMC and see if Chef Rucker just decided to throw something together for the day. The bar is so sticky and dense that it’s tough to determine where the jam ends and the crust begins, making sure that each bite is fantastic as you’ll never get more than one or the other.

Pie Cookies

Mentioning that Chef Rucker’s crust is the best in the game right now is like beating a dead horse at this point, but for those of us degenerates that can’t get enough of it, Fat + Flour has been softly rolling out Pie Cookies. Essentially just scraps of pie dough that are covered with cinnamon and sugar and then baked, these little guys just let us cut right to the chase. Ask if they have a bag behind the counter if you don’t see it in the case or on the menu.


Oh my gosh. My grandmother used to do that with her leftover pie dough and it was my favorite over the actual pie.


I :hearts: Jam Bars!

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It’s not something she’s put up on the site for preordering, so if you’re planning on stopping by calling to check if she’s got them is probably the move!


I had a green curry pot pie last night - you purchase them frozen, thaw them for 24 hours in the fridge and bake them off for just under an hour.

It was so good! It’s vegetarian, and the ingredients were not online, so you’re going with my spotty observation skills. Eggplant, maybe mushrooms. Some kind of peppers so my whole mouth was tingling and fully spiced. My dining companion also loved it, and felt bad for all future pot pies, who will likely not be as good. At $16/per it’s not cheap for a home meal, but still less than what I’d expect to pay for this in a restaurant. Better than I could make for myself.


The curry pies that Nicole has here are to die for. Never thought I would enjoy curry + cheese + and spinach this much. Highly recommend! Also their chocolate chip cookies are top 5 in LA, fight me on it if you dare lol


strawberry shortcake kits tomorrow


Strawberry Shortcake Kit

All killer, no filler. How do you make Harry’s Berries better? Pair it with Chef Rucker’s elite biscuits. I hope she does this again.

Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Cookie

Hands down the best vegan cookie I’ve ever had in my life, and dare I say a challenger to F+F’s OG Chocolate Chip. I’ll save most of my thoughts for the death match, but it is really that good.


Hey there! They are having a frozen pot pie sale - IG says through the weekend, but you never know. $12 each (down from $16/per). The three types offered are chicken, Korean beef, and green hatch chile pork.


Reporting back on consumed pot pies - I’ve now eaten the Korean beef, chicken, vegetarian green curry and pork with green hatch chile. All of them delightful and worth repurchasing - my favorite is the pork with green hatch chile. It was so good!


Power rank them? You’ve gotten them all frozen right?

($12 for one is theft)

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