Fat + Flour - Grand Central Market / DTLA

Correct! All were frozen, and I’ve purchased at full price, so the $12 per did feel like a good deal.

Ranking is misleading, since I give all selections A+++, 100% would repurchase, it’s worth the drive and the calories.

  1. Pork with green hatch chile

  2. chicken

  3. Veg green curry

  4. Korean beef

The chicken being #2 is a nod to my nostalgia. Sometimes it’s nice to eat familiar taste profiles. I had quite a few happy evenings eating frozen Stouffer’s pot pies. The other three are all fully spiced but not punishing.


As we’re marching towards Summer there are some changes to the menu and new items are starting to become available.

Banana Pudding

What might have started with a mishap, Chef Rucker has been putting together tubs of banana pudding that are absolute knock outs. It’s essentially a banana pudding pie deconstructed and mixed up in a 16oz container. Most of it is a silky vanilla pudding, but it’s mixed up with hearty chunks of banana, chocolate crumble, broken pie crust, and topped with whipped cream. I’d defy anyone to put this away in a single sitting because it’s so damn heavy, but also super delicious and just fun to eat.

Passion Fruit Cheesecake

Cheesecake and passion fruit curd on top of a graham cracker crust. It’s not quite the mango passion fruit pie that’s FTC famous, but it’s still incredible. It feels like a flex too, reminding everyone that Chef Rucker is an elite baker able to pull off any kind of dessert and not just the fruit pies she’s famous for. I believe as of a couple weeks ago they were making very limited quantities and it may not be around much longer, so if you’re angling to get one, go soon!

Nectarine Berry Cherry Crumble

But yes, Chef Rucker still crushes the fruit pie game, and this is a reminder. As we get into stone fruit season, she’s worked in some nectarines here and it might change your life.


Biscuits with passionfruit and butter + ginger molasses cookie


A few random things since they’ve officially opened their permanent stall (right next to Shiku)!

Lemon Meringue



A chocolate base that’s filled with crumbles of other broken/leftover cookies, so you might get bites of vanilla sprinkles next to ginger molasses inside. It’s quite interesting and a great way for them to make use of what otherwise would go to waste! It’s not a chewy as some of their other cookies, but it’s nice to have a chocolate based cookie in the case.

Corn and Cheese Hand Pie

Savory hand pies make a return–and wow this one is a knockout–I think prefer it to the curry greens one they’d previously had. Warm it in the oven (or even better an air fryer) for a little bit to get the most out of it.

Honeycomb Pecan Brownie

Basically fudge.

White Chocolate Espresso

Another new cookie on the menu that’s not quite a strong as some of the other espresso inflected cookies they’ve had before, but just different enough to be a nice change of pace.


Normally served with jam, but I snagged this one plain and I wish it was in the regular rotation and not just a special. Chef Rucker has the recipe in Dappled, and it reminds me of dining at Fiona (RIP).

Chocolate Chip Cookie

I checked back in on the best CCC in the game because they just came out of the oven and I needed it piping hot! :heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart: Yes, these cookies are even better fresh out of the oven, though also break in your hand when you try to pull them out of the bag but that’s what you get


I took part in the Pi Day celebrations at Fat + Four by picking up a few frozen savory pot pies for later. For today, I picked up a slice of hot honey pie. Nicole Rucker was working the register and she warned me it was spicy, and suggested serving it with whipped cream would make it perfect.

Alas alack, I ate the whole piece without whipped cream. She’s right, though. Whipped cream would have been great. I saw but didn’t try: a meringue pie with lemon and blood orange.


reporting back on the frozen chicken pot pie I purchased via the Regarding Her Pi Day collaboration with Fat + Flour and Nickel Diner. I highly enjoyed mine as did my dining companion. The crust is the same delicious thing I know and love - these chicken pot pies had an unbilled green chili element. Oooh. Great heat.

I have two of the veggie pot pies in my freezer and hope to eat them before it gets too warm outside. If there’s ever another collaboration between these two I will purchase more!


head’s up! Nicole Rucker is working the counter today, and they are serving apricot olallieberry slices (streusel type topping). I allow myself to buy things from F+F if they are NEW TO ME, and is interesting.

The pie is good and tart! Also, it’s $9 a slice which means this is likely to be the only time I purchase.


I picked up some cookies last week and can confirm inflation has hit.

From left to right: rainbow sprinkles, espresso chocolate chip, triple chocolate, chocolate chip (the goat)


She was telling me the bourdier (?) butter she buys went from $100 a case (of what amount I can’t remember) to $170. And other butter was like $70 to $110.

Lol plus some super specific part broke somewhere in the graham cracker production process so there was a huge shortage while that part had to be built to order, with no available workaround


That’s the way the cookie crumbles.


Agreed on the chocolate chip cookie being the GOAT there. I also really like the bourbon chocolate chip cookie, and the brownie with honeycomb they sometimes sell.