Favorite high quality tuna?

Probably on Amazon. :grimacing:

Every Korean shop has it


Thanks! I haven’t been to a Korean supermarket since Covid. None near me. Might have to make a trip soon, running low on gochujang among other things.

I try to avoid Amazon when possible, but will look for them at a Korean supermarket!

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Yeah, I got mine when everyone was on high-alert about not venturing out, but will get it from Ktown now too.

It’s too hot to cook… it’s too hot to go out… this is why I keep my cans of tuna in the fridge… Pan Bagnat…

There are recipes for Pan Bagnat. But honestly, it’s one of the best clear the fridge dishes. Have some left over marinaded artichoke hearts, half a red bell pepper, a wedge of lime… PAN BAGNAT! Originally it’s supposed to be like Nicoise salad… but really any variety of items can be add ins like shallots or the acid like red wine vinegar…

For today’s Pan Bagnant… I used leftover Trader Joes Pepper Drop Antipasto, a squeeze of lemon and some finely diced onion. With Katy’s tuna and tuna juice it all came together really nicely.

Also, we had those mini baguettes from Epicurious Gourmet which was perfect for this since they are slightly bready and so it’s super easy to create tuna troughs for which to make sure the filling stays inside the crusty roll. So one side had Dijon. The other Mayo with leaves of basil. Then piled the hard boiled eggs on top… PAN BAGNAT!

And potato chips… it is still summer after all…


Here’s the one I do.

c oliver | Feb 5, 201403:46 PM 26


I think this may be the best sandwich I’ve ever eaten! You slice a half baguette in half lengthwise and brush with oo and garlic. Then put in a layer of basil. Make the tuna salad (which is going on the rotation even without the sandwich), wrap tightly in plastic wrap and weigh it down heavily (I used two CI skillets) in the fridge over night. Cut in half and then wrap in foil. We just ate this on the airplane at 35000 feet :slight_smile: Again, the best sandwich ever.


Gotta make this. Picked up two beautiful heirloom tomatoes at the farmers market this AM. Thanks so much, as always.

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NICE!! I must say, I ate half the sandwich the next day (That I also wrapped in plastic wrap just to make sure the sandwich didn’t dry out) and it was EVEN BETTER!! The baguette had lost it’s crispness of course, but this baguette is so wonderfully tender. It wasn’t chewy at all and the flavors just were so much better melded together. You tasted the feta and what the brought to the olive and the tuna… The basil completely infused the mayo and OMG. It all stayed together wonderfully inside the sandwich (No pressing here, just the trough). It’s going to be hard to make any other sandwich the next time we get these baguettes… or maybe I should get more than two at a time… :wink:



One of my favorite sandwiches! Love to use this as the spread. First saw it in a jeremiah tower book. This looks to be similar to his.


I know. I’m not even a big basil person and it still sounds great @catholiver.

That is why I posted that you can really do whatever with this dish. You can easily leave out the basil or any other ingredient, but as long as you keep the balance of tuna and brightness and bread then I think it’s Pan Bagnat.


If you don’t wrap and press it, it’s not pan bagnat, though it might be just as good if not better, especially if the baguette is fresh and crisp.

Instacart delivered somebody else’s Genova albacore in olive oil by mistake so I tried it. Not much flavor. At $5.19 for 5 oz. it’s a ripoff.

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I’ve only done it that way and can tell that the overnight love with a couple of CI skillets was a good thing :slight_smile:


I knew it was named after the caper but i didn’t know the ratio was like that. Very interesting!

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Like @TheCookie I had heard about David Chang singing the praises of Korean Spicy Tuna and even serving it at his restaurant. I admit… I was skeptical. As a tuna lover… I’m not really into fish. I grew up with my dad brining back fresh Albacore and so for me, I love nice firm flakey tuna. I had tried Japanese tuna and it was not good. Mushy. Musty. I figured, well the sauce may make up for sins…
So, I found myself at a Super H Mart recently and they had quite the selection of the Dong Won Tuna so I decided to give it a shot…

They did not have the Double Hot. So I got the one in Kimchi Sauce.

When I opened it up, it didn’t look too bad. It wasn’t as firm as I would like… but the sauce was tasted really nice and even had slices of red jalapenos throughout it.

So what to do with it… David Chang mixes it with a lot of Kewpie and serves it with crustini. I wasn’t quite ready for that full on experience it yet. But I did want to jazz it up and luckily for me… My Mexican Limes are starting to come in!

Also since it’s still summer, I was going to serve it cold in a salad… so I broke out my new favorite thing this summer… Little gems! The perfect mix of sweet and crunch and scoop!

So in the end… We used up some egg pasta we had on in the pantry to make an asian style tuna pasta salad. We mixed the lime with some sesame oil… added assorted veggies and served…

Not my best tuna dish. It probably would have been better with rotini or something for the tuna to hold on too because of how mushy it was. and in the end, the strong tuna flavor overpowered even the spicy kim chee sauce so next time I probably would go with a Mayo based dressing instead of citrus , but it was a quite refreshing and super easy to put together dish.


I’m thinking by increasing the tuna, not processing and adjusting the other ingredient amounts this could make a nice tuna salad.

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Katy’s Smokehouse Tuna, leftover rice, whisked the tuna liquid w/Providence‘s shrimp chili oil, lime, mirin & sesame oil and sprinkled w/furikake, everything bagel topping & scallion. I might or might not have put a dollop of mayo on top after the photo. :wink: It was quick & tasty.