Favorite high quality tuna?

Tonnino Tuna Ventresca in Olive Oil at Amazon

Nice Rec! I admit, I haven’t tried it… but I see it Whole Foods. It’s on sale this week it appears…


Weird that it says country of origin US, as shown on the label that’s actually from Costa Rica.

Good thing the olive oil isn’t hydrogenated!

I suppose it happens very often. For example origin from the US but make in Costa Rica.

This is just an Amazon mistake.

I’m probably not going to spend $57+ on a jar of tuna but somebody might. I bet it’s delicious.


I like that! because that let’s me buy good tuna and oil then justify it by saying -See, I’m saving money!!! :heart_eyes_cat::joy::rofl:

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Wow! it’s $20 in europe but $60 in shipping… :rofl:

I got this at Cookbook. It’s STUNNING.


Running out of Katy’s again


Long ran out. Too bad we’re no longer neighbors, we could do sharesies again on a case. :slightly_smiling_face:

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i’ve had 3 boxes since then. it’s well worth it but ya i’d share


Supply chain issues? The online store from which I’ve been buying cases of Flott 5.5-oz. tins for $4.25 delivered is out and nobody else seems to have cases either.