Favorites at Trader Joe's?


I wonder where Malabar paratha originated. Under various names, it’s traditional from Yemen to Singapore.


Likely India / Middle East and made it’s way to SE Asia through migration or trade. I’ve seen it in Myanmar & Thailand too.


Glad to see it’s back. Both my local TJs were out of it for a while.


This is so much better than any generic salami. I highly recommend.

ETA: 1/2#/$5


It might be better than perhaps Boar’s Head but that is not terrible difficult - didn’t like it all


Not sure I’ve ever had Boars Head. I’ve always thought their deli meats were stupidly overpriced. And in thinking about it I suppose charcuterie is a very subjective category.


From the Malabar coast or southwestern India. From India, they would have traveled along Portuguese trading routes first and then throughout the rest of Asia. I believe they would have come to Yemen via Malaysia, Indonesia or Macau through Islamic trading routes. I found them at the Ranch 99 in Albany rather than Vik’s. In general, Malabar Parathas are considered street or toddy food. While the Punjabi parathas I grew up with are considered home cooked foods.

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Ooooo… SMART.

Thank you!


For FROZEN food I have to say as someone who loves/eats Thai Curries the Vegetable Panang Curry and Jackfruit Yellow Curry


Not bad obama for frozen food.

(For my LA friends Silom Market has curries in the refrigerated section if you don’t want to pok pok with a mortar and pestle)

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Malabar seems the most likely origin point given the name, but Malabar > Southeast Asia > Yemen would be a very long detour.


So, you’re thinking it would go from Malabar to Yemen through the Silk Road trade, or that Yemen had something similar that arose independently? Either way, I would agree with you and modify my Malabar to Southeast Asia to Yemen for the older Silk Road trade route.


Who knows for sure, but it seems likely to me.

I suppose it just shows the universal appeal of fried bread.


This is great stuff. I need to get some good pastrami or smoke meat to see how it holds up, it’s not quite as dense and is sliced thinner than Langer’s.

Some of their breads are sourced locally, so this might not be available elsewhere, or they might have a different source.


I agree, it’s great, but I find it to be denser than Langer’s bread (which I also love). My only problem with the TJ rye is that it seems to get moldy in about 3 days. TJ used to have an onion rye that I liked even more.


I like this one a lot… it’s a staple on our cheese plates…



Good to know. I’ll check it out. Thanks.


Ok so I did buy 2 packs and used this pro tip. I would like to add that you’ll want to wait “a while” before adding in the seafood as it cooks and shrinks very quickly. The packaging suggests a 7 minute total cooktime but I definitely exceeded 10 minutes. That soccarrat made a huge difference! I get it now.

At $5 pretty fantastic value.


Glad you liked it!


This is really quite phenomenal


With normal sized shrimp added in:


I haven’t had that problem. Current loaf has been sitting on the kitchen counter for a week and it’s still fine. The kitchen is probably never over 65 degrees.