February 2020 Rundown

How is it February already?


Had a lovely lunch at Beijing Pie House


Posted this in the January thread, but thanks to @ebethsdad for pointing out it is no longer January. I wish someone had reminded me that yesterday too.

Nick’s Coffee Shop

Eggs Benedict with a side of grits

Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs

Bacon, “it’s wafer thin” — long paper thin slices. Never had it this thin. Actually pretty tasty this way.

Never been here before. Super-friendly staff!!


Sushi Gen in Little Tokyo - didn’t go in with high expectations but left feeling jibed. SAD!

here are some “highlights” :face_vomiting:

rock hard awabi (abalone)

sorry looking kanpyo maki (dried gourd roll)

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Curry chicken spaghetti stir fry at Tak Kee Lee (Hong Kong cafe) in SF

Kegani course at Kinjo (SF, one :star2:)

Iidako (webfoot octopus, with egg)

Black sesame millefeuille crepe cake at Oh Dessert Cafe (SF) with black sesame paste

The best Hokkaido Nemuro uni (Sushi Yoshizumi)


Eataly 50% off dry aged steaks
Shell steak (ny strip plus bone) and bone in ribeye

Delicious dinner at yapa definitely worth visiting. Doing more interesting and better tasting takes on Peruvian, Japanese/Peruvian food than Ricardo zarate imo. Thanks to @foodshutterbug for highlighting their DineLA menu at $29 bucks it was such a great deal


How much were the steaks per pound? And do you recall how long they were aged?

approx 18 per lb for ribeye and 15 per lb for the new york strip. They didn’t tell me the exact amount of aging but said that the minimum was 30 days, should’ve gotten more details but was in a hurry. Based on taste they had a good beefy funk but nothing like the 180 day cut that I had from Charcoal a couple of weeks back, so I would guess between 30-60 days.


Those are really good prices!

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Thanks for the warning @moonboy403! We haven’t been back in years; looks like it’s gotten worse.

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Hi @beefnoguy,

You can’t just post 1 picture from Yoshizumi! :stuck_out_tongue: Looks like you had wonderful weekend meals. :slight_smile:

Galleria Market Food Court - Northridge

New place inside called “Gentle Chic” with corn dogs and fried chicken.

I see tons of old Koreans getting the corn dog as a snack, and younger Koreans getting it as an appetizer before getting food from one of the other stalls. Got the original corn dog, cashier asked if I wanted sugar on it, which I found puzzling and declined. The hot dog itself is chicken based. I really liked the batter and it was fried perfectly. It’s a solid corn dog and will definitely return.

Got the not spicy version of the gentle chic which is a waffle sandwich with fried chicken with this sweet, mapely, salty, spicy sauce and pickled red onions. The not spicy version is as spicy as if something were very spicy at the Olive Garden. The chicken was perfectly fried and crispy. Waffle was decent but it always gets soggy towards the end because I’m a slow eater. I felt like the flavors were too strong and there were too many of them. I’m glad I tried it and I enjoyed it enough, though I don’t think I’d get it again.

Ordered the kimchi fried rice from the Galleria stand. Comes with fried egg and beef. Really good flavor, super rich and heavy. Also they had a new banner advertising cold noodles with a picture of some sort of extruder machine over a giant pot of boiling water. The dish itself looked very similar to the naengmyeon @EattheWorldNYC posted about. The text was only in Korean and my Korean is rusty.


I love the Galleria (well partly because its across the street from my favorite REI)! The grocery store is impeccably clean, and the food court is great. I usually end up with spicy seafood noodles, but I will check out the kimchi fried rice.


I love the Galleria as well. I greatly prefer their marinated meats to H-Mart, and their meat in general seems to be of higher quality as well. There’s a limited number of friends I can take to the Galleria food court though because many of them are bothered by the seafood smell. If you want spicy seafood noodles, I’d drive another 5 minutes over to Hong Kong Banjum by Paik’s Noodle.


I will check it out. Thanks for the tip!

I don’t know why I’m sharing this… oh hell, I know why… IT’S BACON!!!

Whole Foods
Bacon Bar (with a few links thrown in). LOL.

Probably the equivalent of 3 pounds uncooked…


tried el ruso today. The flour tortillas are impossibly tender yet hefty enough with perfect char. Didn’t think it’s possible but Better than sonoratown.
Asada Meat was fantastic, flavorful and smoky. The charred cheese, bean puree…all great. Only thing keeping it back is the salsas. Though I did see Sinoloa salsa team there…maybe making a deal?

Sonoratown still has the chivichangas and better salsas, but for flour tortilla tacos, el ruso is tops.


i’ve been meaning to go. how’s their asada compared to our crowd favorite tire shop’s?

my problem with sonoratown is the consistently lukewarm temperature of their tacos and tortillas

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those tortillas look huge compared to the regular street tacos

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I would say very comparable el ruso probably uses better quality grade

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