Filet o Hashbrown


Wow!! Why not have a couple crisco shooters as a nightcap?!!

That’s an impressive haul of grub


my bad.

I seemingly for got the Sweet Potato Cupcake with Frosting from Southern Girl Desserts, near the Sears.

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Surf & Turf. Filet O Fish with Chicken…


I also look at french fries as a nice delivery vessel for tartar sauce (or mayo). :slight_smile:

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It’s weird but for some reason french fries in anything but a Primanti Bros. creation just seems a bit out of place.

Personal failing, I know.


I fear this may be short-lived …


Noooooooooooooooooooo! :dizzy_face:


I better get me the fuck there on the proverbial fucking double.


Personally, I would just make parts of the breakfast menu available all-day.

Like the McMuffin sandwiches and of course the hashbrown.

But ditch the all-day offerings of things like the McGriddles, the Big Breakfast platters, bagels, burritos, yogurt, oatmeal, etc. No one in their right mind goes to McDonald’s at 2 p.m. or 6 p.m. and orders up a McGriddle, heck people rarely order that nasty sticky concoction even during breakfast hours.

And those Big Breakfast combo plates, if you need one of those after breakfast, just go to Denny’s. Possibly cheaper and certainly no worse.


… uh oh, do I need a visit to the shrink for that McGriddle I ate at 4PM yesterday?


I take it that was the amuse-bouche before Shunji?

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btw, what’s the fucking difference between an amuse-bouche and a fucking amuse-guele ???

is it just a slight fucking difference of amusement at hand ???

thanks guys.


I have partaken in all day breakfast 4-5x since I’ve heard about it - an egg mcmuffin at midnight is so goddamn satisfying, and a mere 300 calories.

re: the OP
Is it actually any good? I am shamed to admit I have tried a McGangbang, and it was most certainly less than the sum of it’s parts.


The 10:30 Filet-O-Fish is no doubt great, at least in my book.

But what previously made it magical, literally, was the near impossibility to actually sourcing it.

It’s like whale meat might be great, but it’s only talked about in revered and hushed tones (in the US at least) because it’s verboten, legally and culturally.

Same with the 10:30 Filet-O-Fish, now that it’s as common as a sausage McMuffin with an apple pie in the middle as an additional layer, it inevitably loses some of culinary oomph.

Just a word to the very wise, if you order a 10:30 Filet-O-Fish, make sure to ask for extra tartar sauce with your Filet-O-Fish sandwich. Otherwise, the addition of the hash browns throws the cosmic balance of crunchy breading, mushiness of the fish and reconstituted potatoes, and sweet and tangy lubrication of the tartar sauce way off-kilter.

The Fast Food Hack gods would not be pleased.

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Sang McYoon is going nuts right about now. He’s not lovin’ it.

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It is truly delicious…


Wait a minute…

Apple Pie in a Sausage McMuffin?

Damn I need to try this.

Had to bump this because I was reading Confessions thread and someone mentioned FoF and decide to Google search FoF Hash Brown and this popped up.

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From Ipse to kevin:

Can we please add this to the pantheon of great lines?! I just actually lol’d. Yes I know this is 2 years old but since we are bringing up an old thread

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No amount of alcohol is going to wipe my mind clean of that quote.

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I think I’ve finally put my (fat) finger on what makes the Filet-O-Fish so much better than all other contenders and pretenders on the market.

Lettuce. Or more specifically, the lack thereof.

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