Fiona [Fairfax]: A Pictorial Essay

Chef/Baker/Artist Nicole Rucker was definitely in the house and in charge as I stopped into the newly-opened Fiona for a quick bite. The space is welcoming, and the service was confident and brisk. Dinner service will be forthcoming soon, and I am looking forward to it.





Luxurious sesame butter, with sesame brioche, Japanese black & golden sesame paste, sea salt, and honey, paired with hot ginger honey-lemon toddy… Bite of the week! This piece of perfectly toasted bread with aromatic and dueling-yet-delicate sesame paste is just marvelous.


No Toto…


Lemon chess pie with whipped cream… The crust is outstanding. This is a righteous slice.


If you are looking for a Thanksgiving pie from them, they ARE open on Thanksgiving day at 8AM, but expect a queue, as the pies are sold first-come, first-serve.


339 N. Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036


I went yesterday as well.
The biscuit was really good.
My friend got a baguette and sourdough which I commented tasted on par with gjusta.
I got a slice of their prosciutto and kale pizza, which had a nice crust to it. Not sure worth the $6.50 a slice price, but it was tasty.
Nice welcoming buildout inside and free refills on hot coffee.
Recommended as well, I’m going to be a regular.


I bought a baguette there on Monday. Among the very best; on a par, if not better, than Republique and Clark Street.


Went again the morning of Thanksgiving because I was greedy and wanted another pie :slight_smile:

So this is another slice of pizza that I actually took a picture of before scarfing down.

An amazing pumpkin pie (I know it looks like any other pumpkin pie but tastes absolutely nothing like just any other pumpkin pie - the crust is so nice and buttery and with the perfect texture, and the filling is just the perfect sweetness and fragrance)
image image

This is a key lime pie. You can tell from the crust and lack of a topping that it’s different from the lemon chess pie posted above.
image image

The whipped cream was really rich and had some vanilla notes. If I’m being super critical, the ratio of cream to lime filling was a bit high, and the crust was a touch too salty. But still delicious!

Also got some biscuits and two kinds of cookies. I have not had a bad piece of carb from here yet.

Question to FTCers: do you avoid telling relatives how much that delectable piece of pie that they just ate costs?? :smile:


I usually have to lie to my parents about how much things cost…because they’ll say it was too much. Fiona looks great. I’m going to have to stop by soon.


I finally got the point where they don’t ask because of MANY years of this exchange:

Mom/Aunties: How much did that thing COST?!

Dommy: "I believe what you meant to say is, “Thank you for bringing that. It looks delicious…’”


Anyone try that curry leaf toast yet? Sounds so bizarre, I’m not a fan of curry leaves so I wonder how others may like it.

Went to Fiona today. Their mushroom potato pie was delicious. The potato’s were confited and the mushrooms had a delicious earthy flavor. The crust was supremely chewy and had a great yeasty flavor.

I was recommended the fig cake which was a pretty big miss in my book. It was a crumb cake that was topped with figs and coconut shavings. It was pretty meh, coconut shavings made it have a really weird texture and the figs seemed to have too much sugar added and really covered up any noticeable fig flavor. The combo of coconut crumb cake and fig didn’t really work for me either flavor wise.The crumb cake was moist though. I would have never gotten but the cashier said it was the best pie.

Their menu is quite limited but I’ll def be back.


Do we have any menu/prices for baked goods (pies, what else is available? Looking for both large format and bulk small things, i.e. cookies)? Looking to call ahead to get some for an event on Saturday.

Not disputing the tastiness of the pumpkin pie (I haven’t tried it yet) but a cracked surface means it was overcooked. It’s the same deal with cheesecake-- it’s a bug, not a feature and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise :slight_smile:

Mr Taster

Anyone try their dinner menu yet? All the Instagram photos look great.

dang… my radar is broken… another one i missed around us? just came back from tsujita.

Not necessarily. It could be a sign of weak binder, or not enough moisture in your initial mix. You run the risk of this especially with roasted pumpkin puree because roasting steals a lot of moisture which you then have to compensate for in a custard based pie. So it’s a risk when you REALY want a strong roasted pumpkin flavor or use a sweetener other than granulated sugar (Maple sugar for example is excellent in pumpkin pie). So it could be REALLY tasty, well baked… but look a mess because all natural just isn’t going to cut it.

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Would you not agree that moisture removal is a key charateristic of cooking?

Therefore “overcooking” can mean that too much moisture was removed, in this case causing the aforementioned cracking.

Mr Taster

Went back to Fiona for lunch (still haven’t tried dinner) and was pretty happy with it. Ordered a slice of pizza (eaten before taking a pic), a celery root “pancake” with smoked fish added, and a chicken salad.

The celery root pancake was more like a latke; great combination of flavors with the celery and the smoked fish

Chicken salad - this was solid, with the right balance of mayo, though I wish I’d gotten the chicken salad sandwich in retrospect

Obligatory chocolate chess pie - as good as the other pies I’ve tried here!


Did that taste as burnt as it looks?

Pretzelette Pop-up at Fiona, 4/26:

Not so great timing in the middle of Passover!


Not their fault that National Pretzel Day falls during Passover this year!

This goy is tempted.