Former host at Republique: threat or menace?

Very nice thoughtful food, but easily the worst front of house guy in Los Angeles. How he still has a job is beyond me. Rude and totally snobbish and ridiculously unpleasant. Had it not been for the solid staff otherwise would have tipped 0.

Does front of house guy mean some kind of manager?

I have only seen the term used to refer to general service staff so just wondering if it is a definable position by referring to someone as front of house. :slight_smile:

^^ Meaning the first person who greets you at the restaurant, checks you in and says what table you’re going to. This tall guy with brown curly hair.

Easily the most unpleasant person I’ve encountered in a restaurant - unless he’s someones nephew or cousin I’m clueless how he still works there. It’s a shame since the food is so good.

The yelp’s mention it too but I guess management don’t care lol.

Probably a host


That person would be called the host.


Well the host then was awful. Don’t think I’ve had a host be so noticeably off putting and rude before. Guess that’s the Republique way?

Omg! Thank you. I did not care for tall curly foh guy!


Does Republique read this board? I hope they do!

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I don’t think it is “the Republique Way”. We have always been treated with both respect and courtesy there. Have never encountered the “tall guy with curly brown hair” however.


We can’t be alone in our opinion so they probably already know and are ok with him. His behavior didn’t turn me off enough to stop going. The waitstaff are great which I care about more. But! He definitely has the I’m just doing this until Tom Ford discovers me ‘tude.


5* for Republique hosts from me - during her last days they let our dog eat with us in her stroller basket.

the table side dover sole was good too and reasonable QPR


Actually, as great as the menu sounds at Republique, that would be enough of a turnoff for me to avoid the place entirely (despite all the praises). I’m not about to pay to be treated poorly.

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personally im inclined to cut 'em a break. being a host or hostess at a very busy restaurant is a thankless job people (not any of us of course) can be very needy and demanding and don’t always react well to being asked to wait a bit longer.


Also, staffing right now is exceedingly difficult. They may not have any choice but to put up with him for the time being (assuming he is as bad as you are saying)


That is great!

People on Yelp said it too.

He’s absolutely someone’s cousin or something. There’s no other reason why he still has a job.

I’ve been to plenty of other “busy restaurants” and never had an issue.

and I won’t get into details right now, but when I went it was literally at the start of service and maybe 15% full. No excuses.

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Supposition! :grin:

It was before the pandemic and we weren’t testy about waiting for a table. Said host has an outsized divatude, lol.


Said host literally ignored me when I asked a question, and then instead moved someone right behind me ahead bc they were a “regular”.

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Did you “threaten” him with a Yelp review ?