Frank Bruni comes out as old


I’d wondered if any FTC’ers miss his ‘voice.’ I love it now.

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He just got a different gig at the same paper so I’ve been reading him all along. As I did before he was their restaurant critic.

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I’m glad he’s taking a break to work on something different. And to just take a break period. And his vision problem is so sad.

I’m not aware that he took a break. He’s been writing for the paper regularly for over 20 years.

He’s GOING to take a break. Work on a book. Do a weekly newsletter. No more.

He’s only 54. Puppy.


Where did he say he was going to take a break? He’s been writing books on the side all along and doing a newsletter for a while.

Excerpted from his newsletter:

" I did not write a midweek column this week, I won’t be writing a column for the weekend, and I won’t write one again until mid-June. That’s because I’m on a short leave to work — rather, to continue working — on a book prompted by my N.A.I.O.N. diagnosis a year and a half ago. The condition pretty much robbed me of functional vision in my right eye and puts me at risk of the same situation in my left eye.
By this point, many of you have probably read this column about what happened to me; I’ve mentioned it in this newsletter several times before. And it’s no great tragedy, just a sometimes daunting challenge along the lines of what most people deal with at some point and what more and more of us confront as we grow older. The book stems from the column, and is in fact about limits, losses, aging and adjustments. I’m not as wise as I’d like to be about any of these, but I’m getting wiser, diligently and steadily, through the interviewing and hard thinking that are a part of writing this book, which I intend as a vehicle to impart whatever I learn.
So: no columns for a while. But the weekly newsletter rolls on. I may take a break of one or two weeks — we all need breathers — but most Wednesdays you’ll find me here. I hope I’ll find you here, too."


@robert, hopefully you saw this.

Spending your time arguing with people about other people’s lives is weird. What difference does it make?