Fried Chicken in SD

I am totally obsessed with great fried chicken, but their are surprisingly few great choices I’ve been able to find In SD. Red Tracton’s Sunday fried chicken dinner is one of the best, but it’s just on Sunday. The Crack Shack in LI has been a very welcome addition with their organic fried chicken centric menu and all their home made sauces. Really looking forward to the SD opening of the famous Phillipino fried chicken joint, Max’s. Both RakiRaki and Tajima Karage are pretty tasty as well. I really want to know where else I’m missing out on some great fried chicken.

Friends loved Sister Pee Wee’s for the fried chicken…
I make killer fried chicken at home…

Red Tracton’s is probably hands down, one of the best restaurants in SD!!
I love everything about the place, except how ugly it looks on the outside but its deceiving and maybe that’s a good thing…
Drinks, food and ambiance just kicks ass over ANYTHING in SD…I mean ANYTHING in SD!!

Hear that restaurateurs?
Follow what they are doing…
Just my two little Aloha Cents. . .

Thanks Chica! Sister Pee Wees Soul Food is new to me (that’s why I love this place). Logan Heights is a little far south for me, but for great Fried Chicken I’ll drive almost anywhere!

Can’t wait for Plumie’s Killer Fried Chicken! Say the word and I’m there! Out of curiosity, what oil do you use for frying?

I make a pretty mean batch myself, but it makes such a mess of my kitchen and takes a couple days to do it right.

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I agree about Red’s. The SO just loves the Sunday fried chicken dinner. Me, I’ll have my Sinatra Steak with a salad exceptional. I have had some very nice fish o’ the day specials as well. My question about chicken is, does anybody do a good pan fried chicken? The crust seems to be a bit browner and crispier than deep fried. I was down in Atlanta a couple of years back for a meeting, and we discovered pan fried goodness.

All fried chicken should be pan fried (in cast iron). That is the traditional southern method and the best IMO for a good crust. It does make a big mess on my stove top though.

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The Crack Shack is probably the best in/around DTSD.

And their soft serve is even better than the chicken.

Crack shack chicken was good, no idea if best in town but a solid option. Had the smokey ice cream which was interesting, not sure if that’s the soft serve ipsedixit is speaking of.

This will sound heretical, but the fried chicken at Chicken Charlie’s is actually pretty good. I’d go more often, but the sides need work. Also, one should order an entrée to get the best stuff. Here’s my latest experience there:

I’d say try the zucchini or cucumber salad (neither of which I’ve had) for a potentially decent side. But their fried chicken is about the best to be had in the Southwest Clairemont / Bay Park area.

The key is buttermilk soak those bad boys and then season the flour with lots of fresh ground pepper and Himalayan Pink Salt…I’ve used Crisco, like old school days, per Mom’s way…Peanut oil or Canola.
Gotta use a cast iron skillet, seasoned well.

I’ve also used Special K cereal for crunchy goodness and love making chicken tenders with Captain Crunch…sublime!

Mashed up siracha peas also make a really nice spicy/crunchy coating.

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We really like the crack shack fried chicken and sandwiches. Buttermilk biscuits and duck fat fries are really nice accompaniments to their fried chicken, but I wish that they had a fried chicken and waffle item. Last time we ate there, we took home fried chicken leftovers and the next day put the chicken on waffles with the home made maple butter that comes with the biscuits. Seriously crave worthy.

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That sounds fab…do you get those bad boys at TJ’s?

I’ll do some chicken tenders coated with the Captain and then Leggo’s :flushed: with tons of butter and Vermont Maple Syrup…

In case you need more ideas.

Thanks Ipse. Great list. I haven’t tried the fried chicken from more than half those places. Yeah a lot of them are breakfast only or sandwiches, but there are some gems in there as well. StreetCar Merchant and Coops are now at the top of my quest to find the best FC available daily!

FWIW, I was less than impressed with StreetCar Merchant. The fried chicken wasn’t very crispy, although the chicken meat itself was pretty tender and juicy. Only tried the Nashville Hot and K-Town iterations, however.

I thought StreetCar was pretty good for SD, albeit I’ve only been one time. However, they were less than thrilled with my young kids being on their patio (we went at 2:30 pm on Sunday and it was pretty empty), so kind of a weird experience. My chicken was crispy but maybe they are inconsistent.

Any idea which style they do best or at least is their most popular?

Sorry, can’t answer your questions. I think the Nasheville hot (it had some mild heat anyway) was the one I liked most, BUT while I like fried chicken, I tend not to eat it too much, so might want to wait until others hopefully chime in.