Gabrielle Hamilton Partnering with Ken Friedman

Too soon? I feel like he needs to suffer more. Why not just buy him out?NYTimes Article

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My NYT monthly free allotment is used up. But I wish a woman hadn’t done this.

This article is just as good:

More here:

Not bored yet? (This is actually the first article in what seems to be an open-ended series.)

Thanks. I did occur to me that there would certainly be other sources. I was distracted :slight_smile: I’ve only read the first one so far and I think it’s rather bold here:

"“You have your heroic José Andrés going into the eye of the natural disaster, and in us, I think you have two highly qualified and capable women going into the ground zero of the man-made disaster to start to help out.”

I’ll read the rest and see if I mellow.

ETA: I still wish it weren’t women.

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In my perfect world, Hamilton takes over and boots Friedman, the staff get to keep their jobs, and everyone can dine at both Prune and The Spotted Pig with a clear(ish) conscience. In the world we actually inhabit, Hamilton cashes in, suggests that by doing so she’s actually making the world a better place, and compels me to reveal that the only thing I remember about eating at Prune - not long after it opened - is that there were ants. (Not in the food, on the wall, but still.)


I like your perfect world. Certainly almost no details. It still galls me re the Jose’ Andres comparison.

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Buying Friedman out would probably be a better deal for him financially.

They may not have the money.

They could probably line up investors, but why should Friedman profit from his bad behavior?

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Oh, robert, I totally agree. I was just answering your question. I hope he rots, dead, in hell…'cept I don’t believe in hell.

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Yes. I would like to see it sold at a fire sale. At first, I thought I hope Gabrielle gets 90% of the profit. Then I thought, why should he even get 10%?!