[Giant Robot Media] The Michelin Worthiness of Chinese Food


Chef George Chen’s Eight Tables is challenging preconceived notions about Chinese food in America.


So I guess she never ate at Benu or had a banquet at Great China paired with great wines from their list.

I have yet to read anything that suggests that the food at Eight Tables is worth the price.


Loved that place in Berkeley.


Did you miss that Great China reopened?


After the fire, right? Chef David Kuo (of Little Fatty here in LA) is good friends with James. We chat.


The past tense made me wonder.


Mr Chen commented on Hungry Onion

His response speaks volumes about his approach (and motivations).

and I’ve a few words about that there. Of course it gets lost on deaf ears.


we need to show we can do all their techniques and western luxury and slowly introduce the long and great cuisine of China

To impress whom?


Michelin inspectors :roll_eyes: