Going to SF on Monday

What food to try? nothing fancy. tacos, burgers, burritos etc…
going watch the dodgers whip up on the giants.

Zuni burger. Lunch and afternoon menus only.

La Santaneca pupusas. Best curtido ever, ask for extra.

Taqueria San Jose, taco al pastor, taco de chorizo.

Saigon Sandwich.

Anchovy Bar is worth a stop since it’s fresh anchovy season.


it being a monday is gonna limit options

ham and cheese croissant/kouign amann from arsicault
nopa has a good burger, but open 530-10
red’s java house next to the stadium does a sourdough cheeseburger
the tacos arabes from la torta gorda are great.

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Based on your wants, I recommend eating at the park. Outfield areas.

I recommend eating at the park due to logistics. Where are you coming from, what time?

Reds is not social media recommendation worthy. It is in the right place but their food is just ok, and they have service issues. If you go before a game, the food is precooked. They have beer and a hot dog/beer and a burger specials: condiments in plastic squirt tubes. Similar to eating at fast food franchise because it is there.

The pandemic closed some of the nicer eateries, but you do not want nice. Thus my recommendation to eat inside.


Burritos at El Farolito

Tacos with salsa verde at Taqueria Cancun
Any burger from Pearl’s Deluxe Burgers
Arsicault used to have long lines, not sure now but I like their almond croissant and they’re famous for being named best croissants in the US
Saigon Sandwich closes in the afternoon, no dinner, cash only

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Thanks for the recs. What about good chinese food? Shrimp fried rice, kung pao etc…

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For me what SF does better than anyone else or in this case So Cal……

Dim Sum….all price points.



Mission style burritos.

Fine dining.


I like Dragon Beaux in the Richmond District for dim sum. I have not been to Palette Tea House. For takeout dim sum I like Good Mongkok in Chinatown and while you are there you mine as well get egg tarts at Golden Gate Bakery if they are open and HK BBQ at Hing Lung Co.

I like B Patisserie for their famous kouign amann.

You gotta try cioppino. Anchor Oyster Bar in the Castro and Sotto Mare in North Beach seems to be the places to get this dish. Hog Island Oyster has a spot at the Ferry Building. If you are there for the farmers market at the Ferry Building be sure to get roli roti.

Burritos are huge it could probably feed 2 people. I’ll leave it to the locals who know better to give any recs.


Delaney Street Restaurant.

Close to the park, inexpensive.

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Coming from LA, you should get Burmese food. Burmese Kitchen on Geary is probably the best.

Mister Jiu’s is great, nothing like it in LA so far as I’ve heard.

Yank Sing has great dim sum not far from the ballpark. The branch in Rincon Center has validated parking. The great cheap SF dim sum places I knew have all closed.

Hog Island is very good.

For a Mission burrito you might as well try the original, El Faro on Folsom.

How long will you be in the city? Lots of places are closed Monday. Post-pandemic, lots are closed both Monday and Tuesday.

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Yes, It a better Dennys.

Are you familiar with the area?

I wonder how some one will be able to eat , then spend an hour in a line to get into the park. This is not a favorite SF restaurants but where to eat before attendance at a baseball game in an urban area with limited parking and due to the pandemic has limited food options.

Have anyone been to the park, and have eaten before a game this year?

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Typo: it’s Yank Sing

Dungeness crab is an SF specialty.

I have mixed feelings about Mr. Jiu’s: you won’t get out there under $70/person and I’d rather go to Empress by Boon if I’m going to spend a lot.

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I haven’t been to Empress to compare. Menus are about as different as can be for two Chinese restaurants.

Season’s long over. This time of year they’re coming in from Oregon and points north. Or frozen.

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I did not enjoy my two visits to Mr. Jiu at all.

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I liked Mr. Jiu’s enough to go back several times, but I guess my reports went down with Chowhound. Best shrimp toast ever.

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Where to get?

in the Mission…I love the original El Farolito or La Cumbre…Taqueria San Jose was also an old fave!

La Cumbre was my favorite for many years from the mid-70s on, but when I went a few years ago it was not the same.

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yeah, id go there in 80s…it was great then but Farolito was my favorite