Good eats in Palmdale or Canyon Country. Do they exist?

I too enjoy Newhall Refinery but several years ago there was a group of 5 of us that met there for lunch where something we ate got the best of us. We believe it was a mushroom flatbread if I recall correctly and the only reason we were able to narrow it down was because it was the only thing all 5 of us tried. It wouldn’t stop me from going back because these things happen, we just haven’t made a point of it and since The Old Town Junction is across the street now and we quite like that place a bit more.

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Another 2022 opening in Palmdale, Belizean Jamaican Cuisine. Aside from when TriniStyle was delivering out of Lancaster, it’s been years since there was a Caribbean place in the Antelope Valley (a fairly short-lived place in Lancaster). The fairly small menu skews to more familiar Jamaican, so think jerked chicken, patties, etc , but the name and decor prove the Belizean background of the really nice folks operating the restaurant. Hopefully, this photo isn’t too bright (as opposed to my normal too dark):: Belizean Garnaches on left; Curry chicken, beans & rice, cabbage and plantains on right.

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30th/Ave R. similar turnkey vendor setup as noted above. If this is the new baseline standard I’m all for it.

Do you have any thoughts on La Palma?

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Ah, 30th E. & Ave. R. Tacos el Llano. That’s the one I was especially thinking of.

Prior to the street vendors popping up, the go-to for Al Pastor was Taqueria La Famosa.

No, I do not, though I know they have a pretty diverse menu. Despite living quite near it. I recall when that space was Steak & Stein. I’m great at recalling what all used to be where :slightly_smiling_face:

There is definitely some regional Mexican in Palmdale, which shouldn’t be surprising. And quite a bit of Salvadorean.

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WWR is gone and replaced by the questionably named BBQ Chicken

They do KFC and things like kimchee fried rice. Very legit, better than Boom Boom & Chicken Day.


Perhaps the most pleasant surprise was the opening of Ponia’s Palace in Palmdale. Taking over the space last used by the closest thing to a legit* Chinese restaurant in the AV, Ponia’s Palace features Ghanian and Nigerian dishes. The family originally had an African market/boutique in Lancaster, but 2022 saw them open the restaurant and a market/boutique in Palmdale. This is a true gem, with a surprisingly deep Ghanian and Nigerian menu. Pictured: Waakye (beans and rice with shito, a spicy pepper sauce); chicken (with same sauce, shito), plantains and salad with a nice Dijonaise dressing.

*legit in that they served chicken feet and had XLB, albeit probably frozen and imported, but, still…


I’ve sort of caught up, but, wait, there’s more…

Borinquen (please excuse lack of accent marks) in Lancaster. A very rare Puerto Rican restaurant.

Las Monarca’s in Palmdale serves a few Michoacan-style items (Morisqueta; Aporriadillo), along with goat birria and lamb barbacoa among other more standard Mexican dishes.

Ay Papa! Que Ricos! also opened a Palmdale location. They do grilled meats very well.

Realizing the population of the Antelope Valley has increased by about 100,000 from when I first moved to the area, it’s nice that a broader range of interesting dining options has at least somewhat offset the massive increase in traffic. There will only be more and more of both.


Second the love for Ponia’s Palace, which might be the most ambitious West African restaurant in the country. Been a couple times now because it is just so good. Here are the owners during the World Cup, they opened early for Ghana’s last match and were a joy to cheer with despite the bad result.


In terms of food, setting, or both (or other)?

The menu’s comprehensiveness is jaw-dropping. Often in a West African restaurant the menu is not even worth looking at, and you instead ask what is available on the certain day which is usually a few things. Here they have so many choices and it all seems to be available to order.