Grand Ole BBQ y Asado

I’m typically parsimonious when it comes to BBQ in San Diego, mostly because we’re smoke-deprived.

I’ve tried a lot of them- Cali Comfort, Coops, Phils, Marks Bark, Abbeys, etc and the only one to whom I’ve returned is (without a group lunch or something) Coops. But never for their brisket, because brisket is difficult to do well, and it simply cannot be found. I’ve not (except for my own) found a brisket worthy of the calories. Mostly pot roast.

Until today.

Prediction: This place will be San Diego’s Franklin’s. And if it’s not, it’s San Diego’s fault, not Grand Ole BBQ y Asado.


Hmmmm…so you had the brisket today? I say that because someone else said that it was only served at dinner, from 5:30 on.

Too bad I just had lunch…

Yes, today.

Thrills me to use special type.

Lunch is the chopped brisket sandwich. Preparation of the brisket is the same, but sliced is a serving different method. I specifically asked for a slice, and he reluctantly gave me one with the caveat that “brisket dinner was better”. I understand his point, but the flavor is right on.

I mean right on.

I see. So their brisket is served as a sandwich all day, the only difference being whether the meat is chopped or sliced. Hmmm…not quite sure I understand why. Does meat served earlier in the day (and smoked for less time) taste better if chopped? Or has the meat that’s served earlier in the day been cooked higher and faster? (I’ve never smoked meat.)

Someone help me out here.

I guess bold beats ALL CAPS, but both sure get a person’s attention in a startling way.

I can’t even find the edit buttons on this site, so I can’t bold anything in reply, but I’ve found that the editing code that’s used here on FTC does change “asterisk-word-asterisk” to “word, italicized”, which is cool.

P.S. I found out how to bold things – obviously. The syntax is a word surrounded by two asterisks on each side. At the same time, I found the edit bar (invisible to me, but by moving the mouse around and hovering when a pointed finger showed up I got clues). So what gave me the idea of double asterisks? When I was hovering where the edit bar should be, it said “strong” for double asterisks. For a single asterisk, it says “emphasis”, and I already knew that puts a word in italics.

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Comparing to Franklin’s, now that’s serious!

Knowing you’re a very detailed person, did you ask why they serve chopped brisket sandwich for lunch vs sliced brisket sandwich for dinner?

Much closer than COOP’s will try soon. Thanks FN.

I didn’t ask why lunch/dinner. Brisket can’t be cheated high/low/slow/fast. Maybe the sandwich is a smaller portion more suitable for lunch?

Yippeeee…they have turkey for the Minx. .

You may want to slip to the ‘dark side’ and have the brisket. You may never return to the gobble!

Give it up Sledge. . .Minxy doesn’t do ‘dark side brisket’…
Minxy is the good Minx.

I don’t think it’d be necessary- I found the turkey to be very good. No, it’s not brisket, but very good.

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Any pics of the product?

Nope. Even the best BBQ is pretty ugly stuff, and I was in th esun at noon- World’s Worst Lighting.

These factors add up to eating, not photographing.

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Turkey is not the Moo!

The only word I can think of to adequately describe the quality of the brisket here is “extraordinary”. Just back and I can still taste the meat and smoke. BBQ ecstasy.

I arrived just before 6 pm and there were maybe 20 people in line ahead of me, many who ended up carrying bags of food away. That was fortunate because while seating is somewhat limited, I had no trouble finding a spot.

Brisket is served in sandwiches but also by the pound, chopped or sliced. I ordered a half-pound slice, and some “spicy coleslaw”. The brisket cut was maybe 9” long, 5” wide, and a good 3/4” thick.

Luscious, fall-apart tender, intensely flavorful, juicy, perfect smoke, wonderful fat…just splendid. Every single bite. It was so soft, moist and tender that I could hardly pick it up. I did shake on some salt, a personal preference, but that’s all. They offer a number of BBQ sauces here (and hot sauces too), but in no way should this superb brisket be bastardized by any kind of sauce.

Hands down the best low-and-slow brisket I’ve ever had. Oh yes, and the slaw was fresh and tasty. They also offer large, help-yourself jars of pickles at the condiments bar. I enjoyed the pickled onions.

Wow, high praise indeed! Thanks for the heads up.

ok we are going on Sunday.

Spicy slaw, why am i not surprised, did you order it at level 10?

Have to get there soon to test the brisket.