Hatch Chiles - Where To Buy LA Area


I spell it chile, not chili. And chiles not chilies. Whatever. LOL!

In any case, it’s that time of year and I’m craving some hatch goodness.

There used to be all kinds of places to buy roasted chiles, even Ralphs, Vons and Albertsons had roasting events. Haven’t seen any at those markets near me I at least two years.

Anyone know where to find them?

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I know… it totally snuck on me too!!! Bristol Farms is usually all out there yelling about Hatch… I finally got an e-mail this week and it’s like… Oh… Hatches are here…

Anyway, YES. They are out there. I got mine at Sprouts this weekend (Just because that is where I shopped this week). My friend spotted them at Trader Joes (They usually come prepacked in a bag). I’m sure they probably are at Whole Foods or any other places that have a relationship with Melissas as they tend to control distribution…

We roast them at home… but at Bristol you can order them pre-roasted. Obviously they aren’t having events in store… So this is what their options are…



I haven’t been in months, but Gelson’s usually goes hatch chile crazy, so I’d be surprised if they DIDN’T have them.


I’ve seen them at Trader Joe’s recently. Not roasted and labeled mild.

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Some Northgate and Sprouts locations sell them roasted by the pound.

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Saw them at Von’s

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In the South Bay, Lazy Acres is selling, their flyer says mild, medium or hot available. No mention of roasting though which they used to do.

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Bristol Farms had a whole mess of them last week.




great responses!! Thank you, everyone!!

Ralphs has them just as generic “hatch chiles” no mention of hot or mild though I guess a trained eye can tell. I need the heat!!! But I have no way to fire roast them here which for my buds is desirable.

Gelsons and Bristol Farms with the whole online ordering seems like the no brainer for me since i am a lazy bum LOL! (thank you @Ns1 and @Dommy for the links)

Forgot about Sprouts! Gonna check them out, too!!

I roast them at home… The easiest way is with a BBQ… but I also do them over the stove over our highest burner… you want GOOD CHAR. The reason these are wonderful is that they are SO meaty… So if it’s making you uncomfy… that is fine…

Then stuff them all in a brown paper lunch bag. Like I make at least 8 at a time… .you think… well… that is not going to fit… They will… Stuff’em down in there… THEN. Once you are done roasting all of them… Put the paper bag in plastic bag. A produce bag will work. Tie it up. It will get hot. That is the idea… Get them to STEAM and agitate against each other… Wait 10 to 15 minutes… It will still be hot… but not hot enough that you will burn yourself.

To peel I just use a paring knife to slice then down the middle and then peel off the skin. You can use rubber gloves if you got senstive fingers. You can use a paper towel to help rip the skin off. There maybe certain points where the skin does not want to peel off… that is okay… You don’t have to get 100% of the skin off… I won’t tell Abuelita.

I de-vein them (They will still be plenty hot) and remove the seeds once they look like a flat meaty leaf. Once they are all done, I stack the leaves and chop them up. You don’t have to go super fine… Especially if you are using them in a long braise like Chile Verde. They will break down in about an hour or so of low and slow simmering.



i used to work with chiles a ton. for a long time I grew them.

My current home has no gas burners (ugh!) and not a fan of the oven and no outdoor grill. So I have to rely on some professional roasting.

I was going to do a New Mexico style hatch chile stew.


Visions of a chancla being held at the ready for infractions and behavior modification.


Abuela : If you don’t risk 3rd degree burns… you aren’t doing it right…

Me: Abuela… I just can not show up with greasy bandaged hands on my videocalls…

Abuela: tsha


Ya, I’m lazy and do them under the broiler turning occasionally. Ill char some onion under there too. Then the usual peel, seed cut into strips. Cut the onions into strips then stew them together. Sometimes I’ll add Mexican orégano if i have it. Chill out down and add it to pretty much everything.

Last week i got them from Bristol but I’ll have to try Northgate in due for a visit anyway

A blowtorch works better than anything I have found. I use the one I have for plumbing repairs. Not sure how you could rig it as I use the burner grates on our gas stove. Maybe on top of your electric burner?

What do you like to do with them? Chicharron en la verde? Pork verde?

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I could just use a flame thrower like Leonardo DiCaprio in “ Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”


I have a glass surface stove. I hate it. I like gas burners!!


This is the best recipe for the sauce…


You can get salt pork at sprouts or I’ve been using the panchetta they sell at Epicurious Gourmet. They make the CRISPIEST lardons…

The sauce will be gravy style. You can use it as is. Or, when the sauce is done… take four boneless Chicken Thighs and sear them in pot that is good good for braising. Once they get a good sear… add all the chile verde you just made in the above recipe and then add about a cup or cup and half of broth. You will want to sauce to cover the thighs… but you don’t want a watery sauce either…

Bring to boil then reduce simmer for an hour (f you are doing this with chunks of pork shoulder or picnic spare ribs, two) Check on it on occassion so that it doesn’t burn. Also depending on your pan you maybe done in 45 minutes (The La Crueset Shallow Braiser is amazing for this).

Shred the chicken serve over rice or in tacos or on tostadas. Either way… garnish with sour or mexican cream. They don’t typically serve it with sour cream in New Mexico… but I find it SUPER tasty and nice counter to the burn…

In addition to the meat you can add about 1/2 way through… Pozole (I make my own from Rancho Gordo), Cooked Nopalitos (Just boil them in plenty of super salty water) and/or Sauteed Verdulagas (Purslane… you can get at most Mexican Markets and Super King)

This was ours a couple of nights ago…

Roasted Chopped Chile Verde also goods good with a multitude of food. Mac N Cheese is very popular (Because it really is delicious), Mixed into Omelets, Topping Burgers, Hot Dogs, Pizza. They make excellent Chile Rellenos because they are so fleshy. Tonight I added some to a vegan indian butter sauce recipe and it was SO GOOD.

Buy many. Roast them all. Chop them up. Use them now. Freeze them for later. You’ll be glad you have them.


That does present a problem. Forget my suggestion…

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