Hayato - ROW DTLA

I parked in the structure for 2:15 the other night for dinner. I paid $10 for parking for :15. We had a long lingering dinner. I’m still curious about the street parking. Maybe I’ll get lucky for a Hayato visit in the summer when the menu changes over.


bianco didn’t validate the last time I was there.


brace yourself, spring is coming.

special thanks to @hppzz for the delicious hoshigaki. review forthcoming?

(new) sakizuke - seared kinmedai (chiba katsuura), tosazu, shiso blossoms

(new) agemono - shirauo (lake shinji-ko, shimane) tempura

(new) grilled fresh takenoko

(new) akagai, udo nuta-ae (saikyo miso, kabosu, sesame paste)

stunt udo

(new) steamed sakura ebi, kabu, soramame

(new) shinogi - anago oshizushi, salt, fresh wasabi

owan - dungeness crab suimono, yuzu

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (1)

sashimi - tai, tairagai

sake steamed abalone, abalone stock cubes, abalone liver sauce, wasabi

charcoal grilled kinki, charcoal roasted onion

(new) aori ika, ankake, ginger juice

(new) nabe - ebi shinjo, wakame, kinome, takenoko

grilled karasumi

nodoguro gohan, miso soup, pickles


shizuoka musk melon

yuki’s wasanbon


pre-game :doughnut:


Are musk melons in season year round now? 'Cuz that’d be a great achievement for mankind if that was the case.

they’re grown indoors inside a gated community with 24 hour security so yes.


Michelin worthy Hoshigaki/Gotgamssam ?


this looks fire - didn’t have it last week.


all these expensive japanese fruits are grown in greenhouses so shouldn’t have much seasonaility. Hell they are releasing mangos in the winter lol.

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Can sturgeon be farmed indoors too?

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Simply the finest restaurant in LA. Are there any kaiseki restaurants in the world this good outside of Japan? The only possibility I know about is Tenku Ryugin in Hong Kong (haven’t been).

did it replace the hokkigai?

They closed 2 to 3 years ago and weren’t traditional kaiseki either.


don’t see why not. A lot of the CA farms start and finish their sturgeon indoors. It’s mostly a cost issue of having to building an maintain that large of a building. It’s not necessary, don’t think they grow better indoors opposed to outdoors. It doesn’t change when they spawn roe though.

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sorry i don’t know the Japanese names of anything.

but probably