Home Cooking 2020

I thought it may be wise to start a new thread for the new year.


Good idea @attran99

The black sesame mochi cake was so good I made it twice this week. My mother in law requested the cake again and 2 others asked for the recipe.


That looks amazing!

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Thanks. Fairly easy recipe. I still need to figure out how to get a better crust


Using my weekends to cook with the chowpups.
Last week…Kimchi fried rice with spam, ssamjang & gochujang. The addition of ssamjang gives it an extra earthy umami that I just adore. The kimchi from Seoul Do Soon Yi Kimchi Company in Garden Grove made a big difference.
Spaghetti and meatballs tonight. The chowpups wanted to make them, so I happily obliged. We made a quick marinara but I showed the them how to make the meatballs step-by-step…and how to form them so they’re not dense.
Maybe I should make this a Sunday tradition…cook something new with them each weekend we’re at home.


Have to admit @Chowseeker1999 posts on la morra pizza La morra got me really inspired. With two toddlers it’s easier to eat at home though I would love to try. Haven’t made it in awhile so I revived my starter and used some of their toppings as inspiration… there’s a potato one, Meyer lemon one…the long fermentation and natural leavening makes huge difference in the crust with not just in taste but also how it looks with all the leoparding. Of course having a pizza Pizza oven oven helps too. I also prefer neo Neapolitan and go for the crispy crust in my bake and dough formula.


:yum: :yum: :yum:

Wow. Wow! I um… made eggs. Someone has to :wink:


You know what they say, how you make eggs says a lot about how you are as a cook… :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well I also roasted a turkey, made black eyed pea soup with leftover smoked turkey, made turkey tetrazzini (can you we had an after xmas xmas?) crock potted chicken for my cats and baked a buttermilk blueberry cake but, I have no beautiful pictures and thus, no proof.

I did also make eggs :grinning:


Experimenting, I took my pressure cooker and I made some rich chicken bone broth. I skimmed the schmaltz, froze it to make matzoh balls at a later date.

Then my wife tells me she has a craving for minestrone. So I used the broth.

Wish I had a photo. Came out great.


I made a salad:

Then, the next day my son went to get milk at the market, and also came home with red leaf lettuce, so I could try and recreate the Pasjoli salad for him again:

I didn’t even know my child knew how to buy lettuce.


:laughing: :laughing: :rofl:


Pizza with a little splash of tomato after cooking along with anchovies.These were Cento brand , far better than Star , but not nearly as good as Agostino Recca


great job! i love a bubbly crust and that charing is great


This weekend’s cooking with the kids was corn chowder. Using both frozen and canned corn…the kids got more of a kick out of rendering and eating the bacon. But I’ll say…having them do all the chopping of the onions and bell peppers did make it pretty simple.


Tried this recipe for a fast pad thai -

Needed a few tweaks (a little more cook time for the noodles, a bit more sugar, and I preferred brown sugar) but over all? Surprisingly solid. May get tamarind for the future for extra oomph, but, as I said, surprisingly decent.

Plus made a vat of turkey soup, and helped the husband to make his first crockpot/hashbrown breakfast thing.


After I made minestrone, a few days later, Wifey requested I make minestra maritata (Italian wedding soup.)

Day one, broth. I do the bone broth thing in the pressure cooker. Why not.

Chill. Skim the schmaltz and freeze for matzo balls.

Today, Day two, I put the rest together.



You get a bonus if you find the Parmesan rinds. Finished product.


Nice soup . The Parma rinds . Totally agree.

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It’s our go to recipe. Think you get better tart flavor with vinegar than tamarind…which is sour, but more subtle. We tweak it now by using equal part tamarind and vinegar but not tamarind alone.

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Really? Awesome to know! And also fab to get your suggestion on the tamarind/vinegar ratio… It feels right.