Home Cooking 2020

I thought it may be wise to start a new thread for the new year.


Good idea @attran99

The black sesame mochi cake was so good I made it twice this week. My mother in law requested the cake again and 2 others asked for the recipe.


That looks amazing!

Thanks. Fairly easy recipe. I still need to figure out how to get a better crust

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Using my weekends to cook with the chowpups.
Last week…Kimchi fried rice with spam, ssamjang & gochujang. The addition of ssamjang gives it an extra earthy umami that I just adore. The kimchi from Seoul Do Soon Yi Kimchi Company in Garden Grove made a big difference.
Spaghetti and meatballs tonight. The chowpups wanted to make them, so I happily obliged. We made a quick marinara but I showed the them how to make the meatballs step-by-step…and how to form them so they’re not dense.
Maybe I should make this a Sunday tradition…cook something new with them each weekend we’re at home.