Home Cooking 2021

cooked up some Dry Aged NY Steaks from Alexander’s meat in San Gabriel for Valentine’s day.
Used America’s Test Kitchen method of cooking steak to avoid the smoke and splattering.

Picture of my steak, the crust came out really nice on this.


I made a Bounty Bowl and sprinkled it w/Smoked Maldon Salt and some Avocado Green Goddess Dip which was greener than the photo.

No spicy XO Sauce because this…

Nakji Bokkeum (spicy stir-fried octopus) :fire:

It was a good recipe but I’d double the sauce next time.


That steak looks great! Love stove top steak (crusty and juicy) and do it exactly how they say not to if you don’t want splatter or smoke. :grin: I’ll try ATK’s version.

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Bring up a product, it’s free for all to comment. Trader Joe’s labeling has nothing to do with you.

I got excited because I love Malabar parathas (aka malawach and roti canai) and they’re hard to find around here, so I was disappointed to see that it was something else.

I buy “Detroit pizza” at Costco that is nothing of the sort but I like it for what it is. If somebody else wants to pick nits about it, why would I care?

You should pick up a package when you’re there and try them. They may not be what you were hoping for but they’re tasty - good flavor, pliable with a crispy exterior (I did mine in the toaster oven), good with the ghee and a good side for a lot of dishes.

They look good from the photo, though I always get whole-wheat chapati. Which are a whole lot easier to make, especially if you have a stand mixer with a dough hook.

Busy week! MOAR Dinners!

Ragu from Cookbook with Squiggly Bucatini –

Did you know there was a Bucatini shortage? It’s one of our favorite pasta shapes so we always have some on hand… but then when we got sick… and I wanted to make sure we had an extra pack on hand… no one seemed to carry any… We investigated and WHOOP! Full in conspiracy!

Luckily we had squirreled away this ready made pasta sauce from Cookbook over the last few months (So glad I bought it…it wasn’t cheap but it was delicious) and had this squiggly bucatini to go with… Wonderful compliment and since… I have spied Bucatini available for WF delivery!

Creamy Wild Rice and Chicken Skillet.

It’s been so cold lately! Comfort food was in order and made even better with Rancho Gordo Wild rice.

Amazon Fresh Bulgogi Bowl with Veg

I returned to Amazon fresh last week and they had marinated Korean flank steak. I like making these on a grill pan and it makes for a quick and easy accompaniment with veggies. The steak was actually really good. Not too sweet like the ones at the Korean Market could be. Plus, really good Japanese rice always makes a dish and it did this one.


Epicurus has bucatini in stock, https://img1.wsimg.com/blobby/go/92700be0-5fa5-4e1a-9249-a64e798bb4c8/downloads/2.06.2020.pdf?ver=1613527589647. Scroll down to page 52.

Yes! It began to show up more and more in Early/Mid January. The fact that I could get it all through the start of the Pandemic made me skeptical that there was truly a shortage… but I guess we don’t eat as much Pasta… LOL!!

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Was gonna to eat leftover taco meat in a quesadilla into my mom brought over some food.

Banchan platter. Also had some grilled mackerel and galbi tang.

Look at these cute little baby squid.

Forgot to take a picture before I started chomping away but this was a perfect circle of neorungji


Well, I’d say mom’s meal sure beats a leftover taco meat quesadilla


Been working on biang-biang noodles for months. My wife keeps asking me what my fascination with them is; I don’t know but I really think they are great.
I have finally gotten them almost as thin as I want them. You can’t really tell from the picture but these are about a 5 on an Atlas pasta machine. So good!!

The stretching and banging technique gets much better with practice.


This is what you make for dessert when dinner is boring leftovers…


Chocolate souffle? Looks yummy!

Yes, chocolate souffle…it was yummy, especially with creme anglaise

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I have too many homemade sausages in the freezer so I tweaked a Jacques Pepin recipe for Lyonaisse sausage potato stew to use some up. Turned out beautifully. Thinking about starting a sausage thread so we all can help each other, although considering my bread thread bombed I may not.


Potato leek soup, potage permentier, our favorite soup has only four ingredients; butter, leeks, potatoes and water. Served with crusty bread and a good salad there is nothing better.

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That’s the fancy version for rich people!

Robert the website you linked to has her original recipe from “Mastering the Art of French Cooking Vol 1”. She improved upon the recipe in “From Julia Child’s Kitchen”, and bettered in “Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home”. I have been making this soup for 35 years. The version pictured in my post is from the latter cookbook. Perhaps it is the “fancy version for rich people” as Julia had a bit more money than when she was working for the OSS.
Having made all three versions I can attest that adding the step of softening the leeks in butter and adding enrichments at the end results in a better soup. Still a very simple recipe.