Homemade fried rice

My attempts always sucked until I recently picked up a crucial tip: the rice must be dried out. I still have a lot of room for improvement, but at least the texture is right.

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make sure to drain your rice with a colander before frying.


Nothing to drain when it’s a day or three old.


thats like fried rice 101

Yeah, there are some bad recipes.

Some recipes say to use day-old rice, but if it’s been stored so that it’s still moist, it won’t work right.

Just go with freshly cooked long grain rice. I steam mine in the pressure cooker (pot in pot) for 4 mins with about 10 mins natural release. Alternatively, you can steam it with the traditional method for about 20 mins-25 mins. Rice to water ratio is 1:0.95 or 1:0.9. You can drizzle a little oil and mix with the rice before cooking too. Once cooked, take it out and fluff it with chopsticks and let it cool down naturally or put it in front of a fan till it cools.

As far as how to cook it. Here’s a typical Hong Kong style. You may have to add in a few splashes of water over high heat in a wok to soften up the rice grains at the end. You can watch this video to get a sense of what I said in the post even though it’s in Cantonese.

When I order chinese food… I ask for extra rice… to pop into the fridge and use the next day to make fried rice… Also Uncle Ben’s original converted also makes great fried rice…

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P Starts Playing this video and 10 seconds in…

P: Honey! Come see this Wok Burner…

D: NO!


If it makes you feel any better, I kinda want one now, too.


When I have a backyard it’s one of the first devices I’m buying. Recent fried rice, I probably eat some type of fried rice at least 1 to 2 times a week as it’s my go to for leftover things and leftover rice.


Then you must be really experienced at it! I wouldn’t even dare try it fresh. :slightly_smiling_face:

I prefer using room temp leftover rice, but if i have to cook fresh rice, I do it a couple hours before and spread it out to cool and dry out a bit.

That’s the set up one of my aunt’s has in her backyard. They went the further step by re-purposing an old bbq grill and setting the whole thing in it to give more stability and easier to move around.

The stir frys are ah-may-zing!


@hppzz has a pretty nice setup for his wok. we were talking about it when i was trying to decide on a setup for our backyard.

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What did you end u going with?

we just turned in the permits so we probably won’t get started on construction until next year.(LA city is notorious for taking a long time) so we haven’t decided yet.
(we’re doing a house extension and adding a deck.)