Horses 🐴 - Hollywood

loved everything about this restaurant, from the old school hollywood vibe to the new restaurant taste. everything I tried was spot on, thanks for the recs @butteredwaffles. already made my next reservation.

sobrassada panino
pork, butter toasted bread, honey? c’mon. all the bing butter honey and ham fans will love this. @TheCookie, @rlw

avocado crostino with cantabrian anchovies
I’m a sucker for anchovy toast and this was great. avocado filled in for the butter and I didn’t miss it at all.

veal sweetbreads with frisee and capers
piping hot and perfectly crisped. bitterness and acid from them frisee and capers was a nice complement to the glands.

cornish game hen with warm dandelion panzanella
love a spatchcock. an ode to zuni and one of the best hens I’ve had since hatchet hall. the butter and jus sauce was :heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart:

persimmon, salted caramel
peeled fruit in a bowl done right.

7617 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA


Hell yeah. Between that panino, avocado anchovy toast, and persimmon I’ll be there stat!

Is there a solo bar dining situation?


yep, they have a lively bar sitch for dining.


Oooh this looks good.


The rate at which new LA restaurant are opening right now is amazeballs…


Peony: This restaurant exceeded my expectations. I feel it is an ambitious restaurant as they made a good effort in the presentation and the plating, and the waitstaff dressed rather formally. I liked all the dishes tonight and felt everything was right. There is something about the restaurant’s style that reminds me of Rossoblu.

Warrior: I was less impressed. I thought the food was all solid and competent. Not impressive, but enjoyable. I’d go back once every two years. There were no standout dishes or notably poor dishes tonight.

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“nice complement to the glands”

why on earth would you phrase it this way?

I admire the tight polished menu . Everything sounds and looks good. But I wish they’d add a few more affordable selections. Looks like it’s difficult to get out of there for under $70/person. I mean, bread and butter is already $8.

What an odd thing to be bothered by.


Even better of a reason :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :money_with_wings: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The phrasing was fire.

If only I knew what the thymus did.


like (of a horse) mad pituitary glands


I’m not sure about this place. They charge money for bread and fruit. Food is served piping hot. Will have to wait and see.


Warrior I had the same thoughts. Everything was good but not a rush back and I am not understanding all the hype.

I liked their pork rillettes and caesar, but was really disappointed with the $27 burger. That price is just stupid unless it’s a knockout, and ours was totally average.

That said, the cocktail program, great service, and most importantly, nostalgia for late nights at The Pikey, made it all enjoyable

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i’m still lovin’ it

will be trying @butteredwaffles swordfish next time (42)

kusshi oysters

sobrassada panino


not free bread

avocado crostino with cantabrian anchovies

horses caesar

smoked salmon lavash with cress

(off menu) pasta a la herman
couldn’t say no to this

cornish game hen with warm dandelion panzanella

butcher’s steak grilled over vine cuttings with celeriac dauphinoise and watercress

no time for dessert, didn’t want to miss my shot


The whole cast was fantastic except for Hamilton who lacked a bit of stage presence.

Special shout out to Eliza, Jefferson/Lafayatte, and George Washington.


What is that? and who?

Could it be?


rigatoni, vodka sauce, breadcrumbs and 'nduja.

employee or contractor who liked it the best.